Joy! My One Word for 2018

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New Year = New Word. Joy is my one word for 2018, and I am so excited to share with you why and how I came to choose it!


Joy, my one word for 2018


Joy! My One Word for 2018

Before I can talk about this year’s word, I need to recap last year’s one word. My one word for 2017 was Complete. 2017 was a great year, and although I didn’t complete all my goals, it was a year of completeness for me. It was a year of living as who I am and was created to be, and living completely in that. At the beginning of the year, God bombarded me with verses about living complete, and I shared about those in last year’s post. However about midway through the year God brought me another verse that I started clinging to:


I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. {John 15:11 NIV}

When reading this verse, I began to focus on my joy being complete. It was then that I realized that I lacked some significant joy in my life.


Fast forward to a month ago when I was taking time to pray and reflect and ponder about the year ahead. I was trying to figure out what my word of the year would be and I kept coming back to this verse that I had already been focusing on for the last few months. I had a lightbulb moment and realized that I would still be focusing on the same verse. However, it would be a different word!


Joy! My one word for 2018


My Joy, Your Joy

When you look at this verse though, it refers to two separate joys. Jesus’ joy that is in us and then our joy. I knew immediately the later was a by-product of the first. So, therefore, I needed to focus on Jesus’ joy that is in me. He states in verse 11 that he has told us these things – basically all that precedes this verse, so that we may have his joy. The previous verses in ch 15 refer to the vine and the branches. Abiding. I looked at several commentaries regarding the word joy, specifically, the meaning of it in this verse. The Greek word for joy in both instances in this verse is Chara. Blue Letter Bible website stated this about the verse and I loved it:


The joy of Jesus is not the pleasure of a life of ease; it is the exhilaration of being right with God, and consciously walking in His love and care.  {}


That is what I want for this year. I want to be right with God and walk in his love and care and in return experience only the joy that he himself can put in me. I want 2018 (and beyond) to be full of his joy for myself and for me to share that joy with others.


Joy! My one word for 2017!


What is Your One Word?

I would love to know what your one word is for 2018 and why you chose it! Please leave a comment or join in the conversation over on Facebook.


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