Will You Play A Game With Me?

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Since my dear friend, Mrs. Disciple, stopped her #FridayFive series, I have not been as consistent as I would like with my writing.  A few other blogger friends have joined the Five Minute Friday link-ups, and I have decided to do the same. I’m not sure it will be every week, but I want to get writing more.  The point of Five Minute Friday is they provide a topic, and you write for five minutes.  Simple enough.  Today’s topic: Play. My spin: Will You Play A Game With Me?


Play #FMFparty


I used to love playing games. Love. I still do, however, I don’t play them as much as I thought I would with the kids.

I mean, I am not a huge fan of Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders, but I do love a good card game or challenging game. Thankfully, we are mostly past the preschool games.

Recently the kids had been asking to learn to play Clue. However, they always asked shortly before bedtime or at a time that just wasn’t conducive to teaching a new game. That changed this week.

It was in the middle of the day, and we were talking about playing a game. The kids were talking about what game to play, and I suggested that if they wanted to learn to play Clue — now was the time. They were ecstatic, and all agreed that is what they wanted to play.

It had been years – YEARS – since I had played Clue. I had to read the directions thoroughly to remind myself how to play. Soon enough it all came back, I explained it, and we were on our way.

I love the fun and fellowship that comes with playing games with my kids. Most of the games we have involve thinking and reasoning and decision making. It is learning in its most fun form.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite games to play as a family. Perhaps I will start sharing more of ours with you, that is after I start playing more with the kids.


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  1. Stephanie
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    I love Clue! We have that one and I think we need to dust it off. The movie is pretty awesome too. 😉 We love family game night…when we can find a Friday that is free. We love Blokus and Harry Potter trivia

  2. Lesley
    | Reply

    Hi, Heather, glad you joined us at Five Minute Friday. I used to link up with #FridayFive occasionally too but I have been linking regularly here for almost 2 years now. I enjoy playing games too. One I’ve enjoyed recently is the card game Dobble. It seems to work well with all ages. Visiting from #29.

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Looking up Dobble now!

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