Studying the United States with Coloring and Activity Books

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As I have mentioned before, we have been brushing up a bit on our knowledge of the United States. Today, I am sharing how we are studying the United States with Coloring and Activity Books!! Also, you can enter for a chance to win some of the books mentioned too, so be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.


Studying the United States with Coloring and Activity Books

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Coloring Books

When I changed up our curriculum in the beginning of the year, I wanted to make our learning time more hands on and more fun.  We started playing more games, and we also added coloring books!! Dover Publications is the place to go for all your educational coloring needs! They have a ton of different coloring books and activity books, I guarantee you are sure to find what you are looking for. Since I wanted to focus on United States geography I really liked the United States Coloring Book. We look at our map and then we find the state page we are working on for that day. The state page gives a few quick facts about the state as well as the state bird and state flower.

Dover Publications United States Coloring Book


Dover also offers an American Presidents Coloring Book that includes all 45 Presidents — President Donald J. Trump is in it!! It has been interesting and informative to read about significant events that accompany the illustrations.

Dover Publications American President Coloring Book


And lest you think that the kids are the only ones who can enjoy some coloring fun, I’ll leave this right here.


Dover Publications Alexander Hamilton


Activity Books

I don’t know what your week usually looks like, but, I have started referring to myself as an Uber driver. We are in the car A LOT. Driving girls to dance and back three times a week; boys to soccer; co-op… you get the idea. I now completely get why car-schooling is a thing. While some days we will listen to an audio book in the car, other days the girls will bust out a page in an activity book. Activity books are a great resource for learning in the car! These workbooks are filled with mazes, crosswords, search-and-find puzzles and secret codes. What better way to pass some time in the car than with these educational activity books?!

Dover Publications Activity Books

(Do you spy my photo bombers? LOL)

More Dover Publications Favorites

In addition to a wide variety of coloring and activity books Dover Publications also has many hands-on activity books. We used the White House Cut and Assemble book to make a detailed model of the White House. I will admit that this took a decent amount of cutting, but many hands make light work, right?! We all took our turn with the cutting and then worked together for the assembling. I initially thought this might be too tedious for them, but they had fun and persisted!

Dover Publications White House Cut and Assemble


Another neat hands-on activity is the Standups! Presidents. These were much simpler than the White House as these were punch-outs and did not require cutting. We may have used our Standups! Presidents in a puppet show.


Dover Publications Standups! Presidents


I have long been a fan of Dover Publications.  I am pretty sure I have come home with a few of their books every time I attend a homeschool convention. They are high quality and versatile. I am already browsing their vast selection to see what ones I will be able to incorporate into our homeschool next year.


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