Time in The Word

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Yesterday, I shared about how Family Time was important to us.  Today, I want to touch on something that is even more important – Time in The Word.


Spending Time in The Word is important if you want to be living the full life!

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Spending time in God’s Word is an essential part of Living the Full Life.  The Bible is filled with stories of the creation of the world, the fall of man, miracles upon miracles, and the unending love of a Savior.  But it is more than stories – it is a roadmap, a guide if you will.  I can’t imagine starting my day without it.

Right now, I am going through the book of Romans with Bible Study Fellowship. I love reading scripture and having that be the first thing I am putting into my mind in the morning.  Nothing better than the best book ever and a cup of coffee to start your day.

The middle school pastor at my church gave a message last week to the kids about this very thing, and his takeaways are relevant to all. He said that to be consistent in reading the Bible we should set a time that we do it every day, have a territory or a place that you can read it that is free of distractions, and a translation that works for you. Right now, I am using the She Reads Truth Bible and that is a CSB (Christian Standard Bible) version, and I am really enjoying it as I have read NIV for the past several years.


Time in The Word Final Thoughts

Are you reading your Bible regularly? Do you desire to do it, but it feels more like something on your to-do list? Pray! Ask God, to fill you with a desire for His Word! Start small. Don’t think you need to read your Bible for 30 minutes, just start with 5 and in time, you will want to read it more! If Jesus is the giver of a full life, reading His Word is a necessity!




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