The Most Essential School Supplies For The Homeschool Mom

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homeschool mom school supplies


Have you started your homeschool year yet? We have started our co-op, but we will not be starting our school at home until Monday.  I prefer a nice slow start to school since our extra-curricular activities are also starting.  One thing I love about the start of a new school year, are school supplies. I love fresh, new school supplies. And not just for my kids! Homeschool Moms need their own school supplies too, so I am sharing with you today the most essential school supplies for the homeschool mom! I say “most essential” because all the supplies are essential! Am I right? Product links are affiliate links, but I have, use, and love all of these things!!!


Pencil Sharpener

Ok, I know you might not think this is for you, but trust me, it is.  You can not be efficient unless you have a good sharpener. I know this. I can not tell you the number of times we have had to stop what we are doing to get some pencils or colored pencils sharpened. Then the sharpener would jam, and basically, chaos ensues, and it is so hard getting our day back on track. Do not let a crappy pencil sharpener be the boss of you.  This pencil sharpener came highly recommended to me by two friends, so I gave it a shot. I have had it for several weeks, we have sharpened all our pencils and colored pencils, and it has not failed me. This is a rock. Perhaps you are the type of person that reads the dimensions on the things you buy. I am not. When this thing arrived on my doorstep, I was amazed by its size. It’s huge. This baby gets the job done! Also, I love that it will also fit my pre-schoolers larger pencils. Here is a photo for size comparison.

pencil sharpener



Laminator and Sheets

I have not yet met a homeschool mom who has not liked to laminate things. I think it must be in the job description somewhere for a homeschool mom; “Must like to laminate and cut!” Anyway, I enjoy laminating. I will say the older my kids get, it seems the less I have to laminate, but that does not stop me. I will find things that need to be laminated! This is the laminator I have, however, mine is an older version that is not available. I have found that I do not need to buy the name brand sheets. These sheets have worked fine for me!



“Mom, How long do I have to read for?”

“Girls, I want you to do your math facts for 5 minutes.”

“Kids, we are going to do quiet time for 45 minutes.”

“Mom, how long until our friends come over?”

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Please tell me it is not just in my home! A good visual timer is essential. It helps stop ALL the questions. I kid you not; that last question actually happened, and my son grabbed the timer, set it, and then sat by the window.





Label Maker

This may be in the same category as the laminator. Do all homeschool moms like to make pretty labels? I love making labels.  I like all my tabs to look nice and neat, and a label maker can make that happen.  Seriously, look at this perfection!  Label Maker for the win!!

label maker


Laptop Bag

I recently got a new laptop bag, and I love it.  It has so many compartments and can hold all my pencils, pens, iPad, and my laptop and cord.  It is classy, and I love it.  I take my laptop to co-op and work on my school plans, or I take it to the coffee shop to write, and this bag has been great! I can easily find what I am looking for and more importantly, it is stylish! One can never have too many bags. My bag is black, but it comes in a variety of colors!



I have saved my most favorite item for last. Every year our homeschool group does a curriculum share night where we share our favorite curriculum. Without fail, I take this planner every year. I love it. I travel to Texas to buy it. Ok, so I travel to TX to visit family, BUT I make sure to go to Mardel and buy this planner while I am there. Unfortunately, I believe they are already sold out of this year’s planners, so just keep this in mind for next year!


So, what are your “most essential” supplies?  I would love to hear what they are!!


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  1. Cheryl @The Long Way to Go
    | Reply

    We don’t have a school room, and each school day I wait for the children to gather everything they need so we can begin our unit study. This year I decided to change it up a bit and bought plastic drawers, assigning each child their own to store their supplies and notebooks. They remove the drawer and keep it with them while doing academics and put all away when they are finished. So far it has worked out very well and we are no longer losing precious time hunting for supplies.

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Yes, each of my kids has a bin and it helps keep all their work and supplies organized. At the end of the day, it all goes back in on the shelf!

  2. Lindsay
    | Reply

    I want to see that planner! I agree that the timer is such a great, yet simple, investment! I use the timer on my oven most of the time. I love writing in pencil so Ticonderoga pencils are a must for me. I need to invest in a good pencil sharpener. We still use the manual kind around here. Great post, Heather!

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Yes, I will only buy Ticonderoga pencils as well! I have started getting the black ones for myself so my kids can’t steal them!!

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