The Beach Is Where I Long To Be

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I just need to share my most favorite place on this earth with you… Ocean City, NJ. The beach is where I long to be. It is where I feel most full.


I am sure you thought I was going to say Fiji or Paris, or perhaps Hawaii… but considering I have never been to any of those, I can not claim them as my favorite. However, where I have been and where I have spent much time is this little slice of Heaven.


I spent numerous summer Saturdays when I was growing up there. My Dad worked on Saturdays, so my mom and my aunt would take my two cousins and me to the beach if the weather was good. It was about a 50-minute drive from our home, and we would pack a lunch and spend a good part of the day there. I enjoyed playing in the sand and the water. I love the smell and the sound of the waves.

Ocean City, NJ beack

It is also where my friends and I went for Senior Skip Day in high school. (Not Posting Picture.)


It is where my husband proposed to me.

beach propose1

It is where I “walked down the aisle” to marry him.

Ocean City, NJ Wedding

It is where my family will take week long vacations.

Ocean City, NJ


It is where I must visit every trip home to NJ. (Hence, why I only travel there between May and September)

Ocean City, NJ


It is where my kids had their First Day Of School this past year.

Ocean City, NJ

It is where I find myself most in awe of God’s creation.

Ocean City, NJ


It is my favorite place on this earth. It holds a special place in my heart. I will always be a Jersey Girl. I hope if you are ever in South Jersey that you will give Ocean City a visit. And if you do, be sure to let me know.


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  1. Mom
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    Can’t wait for you to get here to make more memories at the beach!! Love you and love your writings. Happy Mother’s Day to one of the BEST.

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Thanks, Mom! Love you!

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