What’s Your Love Equation?

  Recently I was waiting in the return line at our local Costco. That line during the holiday season is a test of patience and determination. I survived, feeling the workers should toss confetti at me for my significant accomplishment. However, something much more special happened. As my kids and I were waiting, a toddler who had just learned to walk came out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around my daughter’s legs like she was a long-lost friend. We … Read More

Love Keeps No Records of Wrongs

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I am honored to be participating in the 31 Days of Marriage Guest Series with Jordan Harrell. Please check out the other posts and even sign up for her 31 Days of Prayer for your marriage!!!     I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for the first year of marriage. That year is like a rite of passage we all must go through until we fully experience the true beauty of marriage. No amount of pre-marital counseling or … Read More