Sabbath Sunday – Jesus and Football

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Today is Sabbath Sunday, and that means Jesus and Football.   Product links are affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.  I wrote last week about how I take a Social Media Fast on Sundays.  Also on Sundays, we take a break from work.  On the 7th day of Creation, God rested, and we are instructed to rest as well.  What does that look like? Well for us, it means we don’t clean house or do yard work on Sundays.  … Read More

Are You Tending the Field?

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  I’m a homebody. I love the comfort and security of being at home. Most evenings you can find me curled up on the couch reading a book or on my laptop writing—two of my favorite things to do.   I’m also a mom to four kids, and because I homeschool them, we spend many hours at home. When we’re not at home, we’re usually hanging out with other Christian friends. As a result, our exposure to the secular world … Read More

The Times In Our Lives When We All Need Jesus

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When I first read the prompt {Give Me Jesus} for this week’s #FridayFive for Mrs. Disciple’s link-up, I immediately thought of the song, “Give Me Jesus” by Jeremy Camp. As I listened to it and then read the lyrics, I was moved by the words and thought about the times in our lives when we all need Jesus.   When I Rise When I awake in the morning, I am not the cheeriest of persons. Although I consider myself more of … Read More