Summer Snapshot #8

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Summer SnapshotThis past week was another one full of memories.  The kids attended a local church’s Vacation Bible School in the morning which meant this mama had her mornings to herself all week… a rarity for homeschooling moms.  The kids had a fun week at VBS, and we were able to throw in some other fun things too.

On Monday it was July 11th. {7/11} If you are unaware most 7-11 stores give away free Slurpees on this day, so of course after VBS the kids and I hit the local 7-11 and the kids each got a Slurpee. {SBL #13}



Later in the week we had a playdate at a friends house who just received a clutch of chicks.  They were so stinken’ adorable.  It was interesting to see all that went into raising chickens.


This weekend we did two more things off the Summer Bucket List.  We rolled down a hill. {SBL #14} Now this may not seem like big deal, but oh my, it is, for us parents.  Although I do not have photographic proof that Jeff and I did it, I promise you we did.  We also agreed that this item could be left off of the list next year!

roll hill


After all that hard work, we rewarded ourselves with drinks from Sonic. {SBL #15}



Did you do anything fun this past week?  Did you get your free Slurpee?  Let me know; I’d love to hear about it!


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