Summer Snapshot #7

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Summer Snapshot

Summer feels like it is flying by. I want to hit the stop button. I am looking at the calendar, and I almost have anxiety about how fast it is going and how little time we have left.

This past week, we had a monumental birthday in the house. Hayley turned 10! Jeff took the day off, and we had such a fun day celebrating her and doing everything that she wanted to do. We went to the pool, then Chili’s for dinner and ended the night watching the latest Star Wars movie at the Library. We are not big cake people, so brownie ice cream sundaes it was to celebrate her special day.

summer snapshot


Friends from the dance studio we belong to invited us to their lake house one day for a fun day at the lake. I’m going to be completely honest… it may well have been the most fun day of our summer. They had a boat, and we spent the day on the water in a raft being pulled behind the boat. At one point Cole screamed, “This is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.” Even Blake loved it which surprised me. He was yelling, “Faster, Faster.” It was a great day with great people.

summer snapshot


We only knocked off one activity off the bucket list this week, and that was the Park N Play {SBL #12}. For that, what we do is drive to a park, I set a timer for anywhere between 7 – 15 minutes, and the kids play until the timer goes off. Once it goes off, we get back into the car and head to another park and do the same thing. We hit five different parks.

summer shapshot


That about sums up our week last week. How did you do with knocking items off your Summer Bucket List?

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    Park and Play…What a FUN idea! I love that.

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