Summer Snapshot #6

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Summer Snapshot

It’s Thursday people.  Thursday!  What can I say, we are living some full weeks. I apologize for the delay in getting the recap of last week up but, to my credit, we were on vacation!  Last week we had a wonderful week visiting my family in New Jersey.


It was such a fun filled full week! It is so nice now that the kids are older not having to worry about naps and all the little kid things.  Even when we were packing the car to leave Jeff was asking for everything to be put in a certain place, and I kept saying, that what was there was it.  Older kids = fewer things to pack and more freedom to spend the days out and about!


We made the drive to NJ all in one day last Monday.  Making the drive to NJ really seems like nothing after you drive to Texas.  Again, I can not say enough how thankful I am that my kids are such good travelers!


Tuesday was not supposed to be a good weather day so, my mom, the girls and I went shopping.  Hayley had asked my mom to take her shopping for her birthday gift.  It was so fun watching her try on clothes and decide what she wanted.


Wednesday we drove to Delaware and rode the Cape May- Lewes Ferry from Delaware to Cape May.  My mom had seen that we had “ride a boat” on our bucket list and suggested it. We drove the truck onto the ferry and then went upstairs for the ride.  It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast.  They were given certificates that said, “First Time Sailor.”   {SBL #6}  On our ride, we saw a few dolphins and in the back of the boat, you could see fish getting tossed up. Once we were in Cape May, we went to lunch and then we visited the Cape May Zoo.

cape may-lewes ferry


Thursday was a beach day!  We headed to Ocean City and spent the day at the beach. {SBL #7} My girlfriend Julie and her kids met us down there too.  Last year when my parents had rented a beach house, the girls became friends with the girl that lived in the bottom half of the house.  They wrote each other letters all this past year, and they called her Wednesday night to let her know we would be at the beach.  Needless to say that the girls were thrilled that Kristiana was going to be home, and she spent the entire day at the beach with us.  The girls had put visiting Kristiana on the bucket list, and I am so thankful that we were able to make that one happen!  (the three girls are in the center of the picture in the water!) {SBL #8}  The boys also had a great day and Blake loved the ocean and wanted to stay in the water jumping the waves.

ocean city, nj


Friday was crab day! The guys cleaned a bushel of crabs and then my brother worked his magic in cooking them.  So good.  The only downside to that day is that it was raining most of the afternoon.



Saturday we went to a picnic at my aunt and uncles house.  It was very nice to see family that I had not seen in a few years.  The kids had a blast playing on an inflatable waterslide that was there.  After the picnic, we went to the Cowtown Rodeo!  {SBL #9} I thought it would be a good year to introduce the kids to the rodeo, so I had put it on our bucket list.  I had been to it before, but it was Jeff and the kids first rodeo experience.  At one point when the Cowboys had to pin the calves, Hayley looked at me and said, “This isn’t my thing.”  Although the girls did like watching the Cowgirls do the barrel racing, and they also met and got an autograph from Miss Teen Rodeo New Jersey!

Cowtown Rodeo


Sunday was pretty much our chill day.  It had been such a full week, that we just relaxed, and enjoyed eating the left-over crabs.  We headed back home to Michigan on Monday the 4th, and it was probably one of the best drives we have had as there was nobody else on the road.


Also, just to catch-up, I realized I never accounted for two bucket list items: Going to TX {SBL #10} and Boys Clubhouse {SBL #11} The boys wanted a little clubhouse in their room like the girls had, so when we moved all the furniture back into the house I picked up a knight’s castle tent from Ikea for their room so they had a “clubhouse.”


Hope you all are enjoying your summer, and hopefully, I will get this week’s recap up sooner than I did this one!





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