Summer Snapshot #5

Summer Snapshot

It has been nice getting settled back into our house this week. The whole month of June was a bit of a whirlwind with all the home renovation projects going on. One of the kids even commented that it was like we were living in a ‘Fixer-Upper.’ Alas, the house is painted, the new carpet is installed, furniture is put back in its rightful place, and pictures are hung back on the walls.


This past week both boys took swim lessons at our pool club every morning. They did amazingly well, and it was so fun watching them grow in their comfort level and confidence. By the end of the week, they had learned so much. Cole jumped off the diving board and Blake went down the slide. We plan to do another set of lessons in mid-July with all the kids.

On Thursday of this past week, Jeff’s work hosted a “Bring Your Child To Work Day.” So Jeff took Hayley and Alyssa to work. (I didn’t want the boys to miss swim lessons, so they didn’t go.) There is a national day for this in April, but a few years ago his office moved it to the summer, so more kids could easily attend. The company puts on an excellent program. The girls made birdhouses, flashlights, prisms and did some other fun activities. The girls took some school work to work on in the afternoon and then at the end of the day they attend an All Hands meeting to hear about how the company is doing.


Friday night we had a fire in the fire pit and knocked off two more items on the Summer Bucket List. We made s’mores {SBL #4}, and the kids ran around the backyard catching fireflies. {SBL #5} They put them in the butterfly garden and then released them then next day.




Here’s to another week of Summer in the books. What did you do this last week? Any bucket list items checked off? I’m linking up with my friend Dana at An Ordinary View for her Summer Saturday series.


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