Summer Snapshot #4

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Summer Snapshot

Our days were quite full this past week that is why I am just getting to our Summer Snapshot on Monday night!


Whew!  Deep breath…  So in last week’s snapshot you saw that my house was stripped of furniture, the carpet was ripped out, and the floor was down to the boards.  This week we had painters come in and paint all but the kids rooms and bathrooms, then when they were done, we had the new carpet installed. It was quite an adventure getting all kids out of the house for most of the day and then hoping they didn’t mess anything up when we came back.


However, even with all that going on, we were able to do some fun things.


We went swimming at our pool club twice. I can tell having the availability of the pool club is going to make it more difficult to do Summer Bucket List items, but we did manage to knock off a few this week.


Summer Snapshot


We went to a new park.  Our town has several parks, so we went to one we had not yet been to. The kids played and we also took a soccer ball and football to play with as well.  {SBL#2}

Summer Snapshot SBL


We had ice cream for dinner one night. {SBL#3} This is probably one of the kids favorite thing on the SBL.

Summer Snapshot



It was a wonderful week. I am looking forward to getting everything back into place and taking a break from home projects for a bit.


What did you do this past week?



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