Summer Snapshot #3

Summer Snapshot


Well, There is only one word to describe this past week: C.R.A.Z.Y.


So we returned from our Texas trip last Friday.


Saturday we moved almost all of our furniture out into the garage.


Sunday we ripped up all the carpet in the house.


Ever since then it has been like we are camping except we are still in our house. All six of us are sleeping in the basement. The kids are in their sleeping bags. Thankfully the kitchen and bathrooms are in full working order. Except for the fact that my kitchen has a couch in it. Jeff has been working to put new baseboards all throughout the house and screwing floorboards where they squeak. This coming week our house will be getting a fresh coat of paint and new carpet. I can’t wait. We have been in this house for 11 years. We have raised four babies in this house – the handprints are everywhere.

summer snapshot


So, since we didn’t have much else going on this week {sarcasm font} we thought this would be a good time to get that all done.


Monday I took the kids to the library so they could sign up for the summer reading program there. The girls enjoy reading to begin with, so adding an incentive is just icing on the cake.



Tuesday was the court of honor for the girls American Heritage Girls troop. They received their badges for all the work they did this past year.

summer snapshot


Saturday was Cole’s last soccer game of the season. It was a great season, and the team improved so much. I have enjoyed being a soccer mom – much more than I thought I would. So proud of this boy.

summer snapshot


And why not just through in dance recitals too. The girls had their dance recitals this weekend, and it was beautiful. I love seeing them use their gifts to glorify God. We are blessed to be a part of such a God honoring studio.

summer snapshot


In our spare time (cough, cough) we hit the Passport to Safety program that our city puts on, and the kids were able to get new bike helmets.


Also, this past week we created our Summer Bucket List for this summer. So since EVERYTHING is finally over Рwe are ready to start attacking it. Friday we knocked one off the list. For the first time, we are pool club members. We are so excited for this. We are looking forward to enjoying time at the pool this summer.


What was your past week like?

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