Summer Snapshot #2

Summer Snapshot
This past week we were on the road. We left last Thursday and made the drive down to Texas to visit Jeff’s family. We returned home last night. Two-day drive down, two-day drive home and five days there visiting – it was a wonderful time.

Thankfully, my kids are really good travelers. They do not get car sick, and for the most part, the travel goes well with minimal complaining. However, by the end of the second day on the road, we were all complaining that our bums hurt.

Every year, we start off a new game of the license plate game with an app I have on my phone. Before we left, I started a new game and as of now, this is where we are at. I know we will find some of the eastern states when we travel to New Jersey later in the summer. We traveled through a total of 8 states and saw 39 states plates.

license plate game
When we are in Texas, we stay with Jeff’s brother and his family. They have seven kids, add our 4 to the mix, and we have practically doubled the Brady Bunch. Honestly, though, the kids love being all together that I commented that I see less of my kids when we are there. They just go and do their own thing, and unless someone gets hurt, I can go hours without seeing them.

The kids also were able to go swimming outside for the first time this summer while we were there. They love to swim. They were also able to swim at one of the hotels we stayed at on our drive down.

We didn’t do a whole lot of other activities there this time. We have visited two other museums on previous visits as well as the American Girl Store, so we took a more relaxed approach this week and just spent time with the family. We also didn’t have the best weather every day as it has been raining quite a bit in Texas. One thing that I was able to do, that I do every visit to Texas is to go to one of my favorite stores, Mardel. Mardel is a Christian bookstore, but they also carry a wide selection of homeschool materials. I have used their Simple Plan homeschool planner the last few years and loved it, so I was able to pick up my new planner.

Last year when we made the drive, we found a neat little park in one of the towns we stayed in. It is a fun park that I wanted to be sure to go again. The kids played for about an hour there.


Also, Friday was National Donut Day, so before we hit the road, we stopped by a Krispy Kreme for a free donut. It was mine and the kids first Krispy Kreme. Celebrating National Donut Day may need to be added to future Summer Bucket Lists.

We topped off our long ride home by hitting Indiana Dunes State Park and climbing a sand dune.  We walked along the water, then hiked up the trail to the top of the dune and then ran down as fast as we could.  The kids had such a blast!  I may have brought back a buckets worth of sand in the seats of the truck, but it was well worth it.

Indiana Dunes State Park


So, that is about it for this past week. I did forget to mention one thing we did the prior week. Well, I didn’t do it, but Jeff took the boys to a Touch a Truck on the Detroit Riverfront and they were able to see (and get in) all different kinds of trucks. You can check out our Summer Snapshot #1here.

Touch a Truck


What did you do this past week?


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