Summer Snapshot #11

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Summer Snapshot

This week we hit the motherload of Summer Bucket List items!  We were able to do five things from our SBL this week!!


Kids Cook Dinner

This might need to become more than a Summer Bucket List item because I can get used to this.  The kids made dinner all by themselves, and all of them helped!! (SBL #19} Hayley organized everything, assigned tasks after talking with everyone on what they could make and prepared a grocery list of what they would need.  The meal started with mini PB&J appetizers that the boys made, followed by the main meal of eggs and bacon, fruit salad, and banana toast which the older three all helped with.  The last was brownies for dessert which I was told everyone helped stir.  It was a great meal, and I enjoyed not having to cook!

kids cook dinner


Play in the Rain

On Thursday we were at the pool, and it was sprinkling a little bit.  It wasn’t too much, and it didn’t bother us.  After we had left we had to go to the library to drop some books off.  On the way home from that, it started raining cats and dogs.  Once we got home, I told the kids now would be a good time to go and play in the rain since they were already in their swimsuits. {SBL #20} Blake ran for cover as did I, but the older three danced and sang for a few minutes out there.

play in the rain


Farmer’s Market

On Saturday morning we headed down to Detroit and for the first time, we went to Detroit’s Eastern Market. {SBL #21}  It is pretty sad that we have lived in MI as long as we have and have not gone there before.   We stocked up on some fresh fruits and vegetables and promised that we would go there more often.


Slip N Slide and Sprinkler Fun

Two fun things on our SBL were playing in the sprinkler and do the slip n slide. {SBL #22 and SBL #23} We decided to bust them both out for the kids to enjoy.  Blake is MIA from these photos as well because he does not appreciate splashing water.

sprnkler and slip n slide


I hope you all had a wonderful week!  How are you doing on your Summer Bucket List?  Please let me know in the comments!




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