Summer Snapshot #10

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Summer Snapshot

I can not believe it is August 1st and that I am posting our 10th Summer Snapshot.  Someone, quick, hit the pause button on Summer!  Here is a look back at what took place this week.


Police Tour

On Monday, the kids and I took a field trip to a local police station with one of the homeschool groups in our area.  We were able to check out the inside of a police cruiser and tour the facility.  We were able to be in the dispatch area and see all that goes on from that end.  The officer that gave the tour was great with the kids and gave them all stickers and coloring books and rulers when we were leaving.

police tour


Camping Trip

We went on our annual camping trip this past weekend {SBL #17}  and had a great time.  We have camped at this campground for the last four years, and it is something the kids look forward to every year. Our group had 16 families and around 35 kids.  We borrowed a friends tent this year, because, we have outgrown our six person tent.  It was nice having more room in our tent.  The only downside to the weekend was that it rained a good portion of the day on Saturday.  Camping is not that much fun in the rain.  We packed the kids up in the truck after lunch and went for a drive.  Thankfully, we only camp about an hour from us, and a friend of ours only lives about 10 minutes from where were camping.  So what if we went there for an hour and I threw some clothes and towels in their dryer.

Bruin Lake Camping Trip


When we were leaving the campground on Sunday afternoon, we decided to knock off another Summer Bucket List item.  We went and visited a new city. (SBL #18} There is a town not far from where we camp which has an unusual name: Hell, MI.  We decided to take our kids to Hell. It is a very small town; however, we stopped at Screams Ice Cream and Souvenir Shop and the small parking lot had cars from about 4 or 5 other states.  Apparently, everyone wants to go to Hell.

Screams Ice Cream Hell, MI


I hope everyone had a fun FULL week.  What fun things did you do?  I would love to hear from you, let me know in the comments what your Summer has looked like.

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