Stretch Yourself

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I know I wrote on Day 5 about Knowing Your Limits, well, today I am adding to that.  Yes, I still want you to know your limits and I want you to have freedom in saying, “no” to things that are not within your limits, but I also want to ask you to stretch yourself. Not stretch yourself thin – but stretch yourself in trying new things. Do something you don’t think you can do.


Living the Full Life requires you to Stretch Yourself


Today is my five year anniversary of becoming a marathoner. I never in my entire life thought I would run a marathon. The main reason being that I HATE running. But I did it! I trained and trained, and trained, and in 2012 I toed the line at the Chicago Marathon and many hours laters I crossed the finish line and had a medal put around my neck.

I still can’t believe I did it. The sole reason for running (let’s be real – a slight jog/walk) was to raise money to provide clean water for people in Africa. I am thankful that I stretched myself and did something that I didn’t like, something I didn’t think I could do, and something that not only changed me but changed others as well. That is what can happen when you stretch yourself.


Final Thoughts on Stretch Yourself

What is it that is in your head that you are not sure you can do? Is there something you want to learn? Finish college? Train for a marathon? Living the full life requires you to stretch yourself. To take chances in hopes that you will grow. Go ahead – STRETCH!




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For write 31 days I will be focusing on how I strive to live the full life. #write31days #livingthefulllife


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