Smiles That Warm My Heart

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Smiles That Warm My Heart

There are several things throughout the course of a day that make me smile. For starters when I first saw that the title of this weeks #FridayFive at Mrs. Disciple was Smiles, I instantly smiled. Right after that I thought of the movie Elf and the classic line from Buddy:

I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite.

After I had thought about the concept some more, I realized that there are things that make me smile and maybe chuckle a little bit, and then there are some things that make me smile and warm my heart. Those are what I want to highlight today, smiles that warm my heart.


My Kids

I could easily take up 4 of my 5 with my kids. Each one of them brings a smile to my face that just warms my heart. I love watching them learn and grow and create and sometimes just be. A few weeks ago we were at a program at the library, and Alyssa and Blake were sitting next to each other. I don’t know what inspired this, but when I looked over and saw it, I smiled, and my heart melted. One of my biggest prayers is for my kids to be best friends when they grow up. This moment gave me hope.

Smiles that warm my heart


The Beach
I wrote last week about how I long to be at the beach. It goes without saying that it is one of the things that makes me smile just thinking about it. I see a picture, and I smile. As we are driving there and I get the first whiff of it, I smile. I wish I could appreciate other “beaches” {and I say that loosly} more, however, what some people call a beach in MI is not a beach. A few years ago we went camping with friends and my friend kept telling me there was a beach at the lake. I was so excited. When we left our campsite and headed to the “beach” for the first time, I was giddy. We began the descent on the long wooden stairs, and the lake came into view. I started scouring the area. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, my friend announced we were here, we were at the “beach.” I informed her we were, in fact, standing on grass. That area we now jokingly refer to as the “land before the water.” I refuse to call it a beach. The Jersey Shore always brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart… and in all honesty, a little color to my skin.

land before water


HuffPost Email
So, you may have heard; I had a blog that was posted on Huffington Post this week. I had submitted a pitch on Wednesday, May 4th and I did not hear anything until this Tuesday morning. I submitted on a whim, knowing I had a Mother’s Day tie-in. I wasn’t expecting much from it, I just kind of had the thought, why not? I didn’t tell anybody. Tuesday morning before I received the email from HuffPo, I was texting with my blog accountability partner. She shared with me how she had just submitted a pitch to Huffington. I encouraged her and told her I was sure she would get picked up – never once mentioning that I had submitted a week ago. 15 minutes later I had to send the awkward text that I had in fact submitted too and that my submission was accepted. I smiled when I got that acceptance email, and more so, my heart warmed when my community loved on my first HuffPo post, and they shared it with the world.  Also, doesn’t that Yoda just make you smile?

Smiles that warm my heart


My Kids {Again}
I know I already wrote about them, but seriously, they are what keep coming to my mind. My girls do ballet and Cole does Soccer. I did both of these things as a kid. I vaguely remember ballet that I did for one year, and I have absolutely no memory what-so-ever of playing soccer. The only thing I have is a team photo that I am in, so I guess I played. Neither of these is “my” thing. I could do without going to a professional ballet, or soccer game, however, you put my kid on a stage or a soccer field, and I am all in. I love watching my kids do their thing. Even when it is not my thing, I get so much joy watching them push themselves and excel. They make me smile with joy.


I know this is such a silly thing, but coffee truly makes me smile and warms my heart while I drink it. I enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning so dang much. It’s the little things, right?

Smiles that warm my heart


So whether it is small like a cup of coffee or big like the people in your life, what makes you smile? What warms your heart?


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  1. Beth Walker
    | Reply

    Great list! We are headed to the beach in a week and reading this made me smile! Congrats on the HuffPost too.

    • Heather
      | Reply

      ENJOY the beach!! Signed, Not Jealous

  2. brooke
    | Reply

    Congrats on the HuffPost! 🙂
    and I totally used the Elf line. I love that movie

  3. Kelly S
    | Reply

    You are so right–the smell of the beach can make me smile! And the smell of coffee! Congrats on the HuffPo, girl!

  4. Kori
    | Reply

    You had me at “Smiling’s my favorite!” LOL! One of my favorite lines!! Some of the smiles our kids cause (like your photo) make us realize how we really are nailing motherhood like the linkup from a couple of weeks ago. I love that you listed them twice!! 🙂 The beach and coffee also big reasons to smile in my life. And – I am so proud of all of you ladies with the Huff-Po stuff!! Congratulations!! Maybe someday I will get there too! 🙂

  5. Katy
    | Reply

    I am catching up! A few things I have to tell you…
    1-How adorable is that pic of your kiddos? I LOVE when my kids love on each other.
    2-“The land before the water” <—- love that! Totally not a beach.
    3-Telling me about your HuffPo acceptance = totally not awkward! I was so thrilled for you!!! And girl, you got up the courage a week ahead of me! Good job!
    4-Your post makes me smile. 😉

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Thanks so much friend! I love being on this journey with you!

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