Sabbath Sunday – Social Media Fast

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On Sunday’s we do our best to honor the Sabbath.  To Rest.  To step away from the every day that crowds our minds and spaces.  Awhile back I started doing a Social Media Fast on Sundays.


Social Media Fast


So no checking Facebook, posting a picture to Instagram or tweeting. On Sundays, I step away from social media. I used to do social media fasts for a month or 40 days, but it would be hard to do that now because several groups I am involved in use some form of social media as a tool for communication. However, one day a week is completely doable and beneficial to me so I can be fully present for my family on Sundays. It helps me in living the full life.


Final Thoughts on Social Media Fast

What do you do on Sundays to help you in honoring the Sabbath? If Social Media is a distraction for you, I suggest taking a fast from it on Sunday’s! It will still be there on Monday morning, I promise.




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