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If you remember from my Purpose Statement post, one of our points was to practice organized simplicity.  What does that look like? To put it simply, it means to simplify our life and live in an organized manner.     I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I can not find something. Especially when it is not where it is supposed to be! This is not only nerve-wracking, but it glaringly points out the obvious – I have too … Read More

Sabbath Sunday – Social Media Fast

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On Sunday’s we do our best to honor the Sabbath.  To Rest.  To step away from the every day that crowds our minds and spaces.  Awhile back I started doing a Social Media Fast on Sundays.     So no checking Facebook, posting a picture to Instagram or tweeting. On Sundays, I step away from social media. I used to do social media fasts for a month or 40 days, but it would be hard to do that now because several … Read More

Stretch Yourself

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I know I wrote on Day 5 about Knowing Your Limits, well, today I am adding to that.  Yes, I still want you to know your limits and I want you to have freedom in saying, “no” to things that are not within your limits, but I also want to ask you to stretch yourself. Not stretch yourself thin – but stretch yourself in trying new things. Do something you don’t think you can do.     Today is my … Read More

Here’s the Story

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On Friday’s for #write31days, I thought I would take a break from my #livingthefulllife series and link-up with Five Minute Fridays. Because let’s be real. It’s 9:15 P.M. and ALL I have is five minutes! Today’s prompt is… Story. So, Here’s the story… (c’mon you know you just started singing Brady Bunch!) So, I really was going to make up some lyrical jingle of my story about how I fell in love and came to MI, but… I think I … Read More

Know Your Limits

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Product links are affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.   Today was our homeschool co-op day. That means we are out of the house from 8:15 until about 4:00. For me – an introvert – this day, although I love it, drains me. Thankfully, I am aware of this, and I take measures to help keep me from losing my cool. If you want to live the full life you need to know your limits. I have two hours … Read More

Define Your Purpose

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For Day 4 in my series on Living the Full Life, I want to talk about your purpose. Knowing what your purpose is an essential step in Living the Full Life. So then, how do you define your purpose?   Product links are affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.   Several years ago Jeff and I created a purpose statement for our family. I shared about this some on my goals post at the beginning of the year but wanted … Read More

Time in The Word

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Yesterday, I shared about how Family Time was important to us.  Today, I want to touch on something that is even more important – Time in The Word.   Product links are affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.    Spending time in God’s Word is an essential part of Living the Full Life.  The Bible is filled with stories of the creation of the world, the fall of man, miracles upon miracles, and the unending love of a Savior.  … Read More

Family Time

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One of the ways that helps me in being intentional about Living the Full Life is making time with my family a priority.  Family Time is something that I long for and something that energizes me and gives me life.     Sundays are our scheduled Family Time. Yes, you read that correctly – scheduled.  Every Sunday afternoon on our calendar is a time slot that says family activity. We are not always sure what that will entail, but like … Read More

How to Tend Your Field

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Earlier this month I shared over at The Glorious Table about How to Tend Your Field. On this blog back in May, I shared about how the opening of our local pool club on Memorial Day weekend signaled the beginning of summer to me. I also shared how I was going to be intentional about the pool club being my mission field. (Click here for that post). Unfortunately, unseasonably cold weather kept us from going to the pool that first weekend. … Read More

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