Give Yourself Grace

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I knew the day would probably come, and it did. I was unable to get a post up yesterday. Instead of beating myself up about it, I decided to give myself grace. Living the Full Life doesn’t mean that you are living perfectly, you need to be able to give yourself grace when needed.     What I have learned through these 21 days so far is that there are nuggets of time that I have not previously used wisely, that … Read More

Have Fun

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It’s late, and I am tired but today was a fun day. Living the Full Life means we need to learn how to have fun.     It was costume day at our co-op, and there are only a few moms who participate, but you better believe I am one of them. To me, it is fun. To my kids who are watching me, it is fun. They love that I take dressing up seriously. After co-op we spent time enjoying … Read More

Make Self-Care A Priority

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Self-Care is important. Another essential in the list of many to Living the Full Life. We need to do all we can to make self-care a priority.       Today, was not the best day. Let’s be real, we all have not so great days. We are not meant to. If every day were great, we would not appreciate them. It was the kind of day that at the end of it, I needed to do some self-care. I … Read More


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Today was a day to sit back and catch our breath. After a warm breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes topped with a mound of whipped cream, I announced to the kids we were skipping school today. Some days you need to just toss the planner aside and take a moment to breathe.     We have been non-stop, and I can tell when my kids are at their limit.  Learning is compromised when we feel like we don’t have space … Read More

Praise and Prayer

I had a different topic written on my calendar for today’s post, however, I am feeling led to share about the life-giving power behind leading a praising and prayer-filled life.  Let’s talk about Praise and Prayer.     Over the last week, I have been reminded of the power behind both offering our praises and lifting our prayers. When we find things in our life that we are able to praise God for, it adds to living a full life.  … Read More

Sabbath Sunday – Jesus and Football

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Today is Sabbath Sunday, and that means Jesus and Football.   Product links are affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.  I wrote last week about how I take a Social Media Fast on Sundays.  Also on Sundays, we take a break from work.  On the 7th day of Creation, God rested, and we are instructed to rest as well.  What does that look like? Well for us, it means we don’t clean house or do yard work on Sundays.  … Read More

Be Your Kids Biggest Fan

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Today, I just want to share how much I love supporting my kids in their endeavors. There is no scripture jumping out at me as supporting me in this as being a way to Live the Full Life; however, I can tell you that nothing gives me more joy than being my kids biggest fan!     This morning, I was out at the soccer fields in the pouring rain cheering my boys playing soccer, and as I am writing … Read More

Take the Risk, Make the Invite

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Today, I am taking a break from my Living The Full Life series and participating in Five Minute Friday’s link-up. The prompt this week is Invite.  Five minutes… here I go! Take the risk, Make the invite.     Ok, so maybe this actually will be part of the Living The Full Life Series after all.  I want to share about taking the risk and inviting others into our lives. Our good, our bad, and our uncleaned bathrooms. I genuinely … Read More

Offer Forgiveness

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Life is short. Offer Forgiveness.     When we hold back forgiveness, we are only punishing ourselves.  When we hang on to anger and bitterness, we ourselves are the ones that will suffer in the end. Being able to offer forgiveness is a way we ware able to glorify God. Because it is only through the forgiveness we have received from Him that we can offer forgiveness to others.   Bear with each other and forgive one another if any … Read More

Livin’ On A Budget

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I know some of you may not like this word; however, I believe that livin’ on a budget is vital to Living the Full Life. I know some of you may cringe at the word Budget. I get this – I used to too. Although I was always financially responsible, I never lived with an actual budget until I was married. When my husband told me, I was going to need to stop going to Target so much, I cried. … Read More

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