Homeschooling Moms How-To Guide For Self-Care

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First, I want to tell you what this post is not going to contain.  I am not going to tell you to drink 8 glasses of water, I am not going to tell you to get up at 5 AM and exercise, and I am not going to tell you that you need to make sure that you are getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night and eating a balanced breakfast.  I won’t.  That is all good and … Read More

Summer Snapshot #8

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  This past week was another one full of memories.  The kids attended a local church’s Vacation Bible School in the morning which meant this mama had her mornings to herself all week… a rarity for homeschooling moms.  The kids had a fun week at VBS, and we were able to throw in some other fun things too. On Monday it was July 11th. {7/11} If you are unaware most 7-11 stores give away free Slurpees on this day, so … Read More

Summer Snapshot #7

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Summer feels like it is flying by. I want to hit the stop button. I am looking at the calendar, and I almost have anxiety about how fast it is going and how little time we have left. This past week, we had a monumental birthday in the house. Hayley turned 10! Jeff took the day off, and we had such a fun day celebrating her and doing everything that she wanted to do. We went to the pool, then … Read More

Summer Snapshot #6

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It’s Thursday people.  Thursday!  What can I say, we are living some full weeks. I apologize for the delay in getting the recap of last week up but, to my credit, we were on vacation!  Last week we had a wonderful week visiting my family in New Jersey.   It was such a fun filled full week! It is so nice now that the kids are older not having to worry about naps and all the little kid things.  Even … Read More

Summer Snapshot #5

It has been nice getting settled back into our house this week. The whole month of June was a bit of a whirlwind with all the home renovation projects going on. One of the kids even commented that it was like we were living in a ‘Fixer-Upper.’ Alas, the house is painted, the new carpet is installed, furniture is put back in its rightful place, and pictures are hung back on the walls.   This past week both boys took … Read More

The Times In Our Lives When We All Need Jesus

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When I first read the prompt {Give Me Jesus} for this week’s #FridayFive for Mrs. Disciple’s link-up, I immediately thought of the song, “Give Me Jesus” by Jeremy Camp. As I listened to it and then read the lyrics, I was moved by the words and thought about the times in our lives when we all need Jesus.   When I Rise When I awake in the morning, I am not the cheeriest of persons. Although I consider myself more of … Read More

Summer Snapshot #4

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Our days were quite full this past week that is why I am just getting to our Summer Snapshot on Monday night!   Whew!  Deep breath…  So in last week’s snapshot you saw that my house was stripped of furniture, the carpet was ripped out, and the floor was down to the boards.  This week we had painters come in and paint all but the kids rooms and bathrooms, then when they were done, we had the new carpet installed. … Read More

Summer Snapshot #3

  Well, There is only one word to describe this past week: C.R.A.Z.Y.   So we returned from our Texas trip last Friday.   Saturday we moved almost all of our furniture out into the garage.   Sunday we ripped up all the carpet in the house.   Ever since then it has been like we are camping except we are still in our house. All six of us are sleeping in the basement. The kids are in their sleeping … Read More

Five Things That Would Be On My Bucket List

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I have never been a big bucket list person. I mean, I can conjure up a few ideas of things I would like to do, but I don’t have a numbered list written down. It is not something that I think about daily or even weekly to see where I am at or what I need to do to accomplish something. I am a list person, however, so if I were to do something that is bucket list item worthy, … Read More

Summer Snapshot #2

This past week we were on the road. We left last Thursday and made the drive down to Texas to visit Jeff’s family. We returned home last night. Two-day drive down, two-day drive home and five days there visiting – it was a wonderful time. Thankfully, my kids are really good travelers. They do not get car sick, and for the most part, the travel goes well with minimal complaining. However, by the end of the second day on the … Read More

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