Out of the Comfort Zone

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Out of the Comfort Zone
Recently, my husband and I were wanting to take our children somewhere that we weren’t sure was going to be open. I sent them a Facebook message asking about the open hours that day. I sent a message because I hate making phone calls. I’d rather send an email or a text than just call–heck, I’d send a carrier pigeon if it would get me out of making a phone call. After a little while, they hadn’t responded to my message, so I asked my husband to call to see if they were going to be open.

He knew why I was asking, so he looked at me and in his kind and gentle way told me no. If I wanted to know, I would have to make the call myself. I wish I could tell you that it was that simple, but that exchange nearly led to a full-blown fight. Why couldn’t he just make the call for me?


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