The Benefits Of Online Art Lessons For Kids

Do you all do art with your kids?  Formal art lessons — not crafts that you find on Pinterest? I’ll admit, up until recently I did not do formal lessons. It wasn’t on my priority list. However, after realizing one of my children really had an eye for art, I figured it needed to become a priority. That is when I discovered the benefits of online art lessons for kids.


Benefits of Online Art Lessons for Kids

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The Benefits of Online Art Lessons For Kids

Last year for her birthday, Alyssa asked for a sketch book. She didn’t really say much about why she wanted one, but I was happy to give her what she wanted.  After she received it she asked if we had any “art” books. Being the well-equipped homeschooling mom that I am, I was able to provide her with a slew of art books. She filled up a box, gathering all the different art books and manuals I had accumulated over the years. She was in her glory, looking at pictures, reading directions and drawing masterpieces in her sketchbook.

One day, she asked if I wanted to see what she had drawn. Then she showed me this picture (on the right).  I questioned if she had put her paper over the original and traced it. Nope. She just looked at it and drew it herself. It wasn’t even one of the pictures with instructions, just the picture on the box and she drew it. I was blown away.


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It was at that point that I realized I needed to make art a priority in our homeschool. Unfortunately, I lack the ability to teach art, so I knew I was going to need to outsource it. Outsourcing is a wonderful thing. My only caveat was that I wanted something that would work for all my kids. That is when I discovered Sparketh Online Art Lessons. Sparketh presents online art lessons for kids and teens. Perfect!

Sparketh Art


Learning the Fundamentals of Art

I wanted my kids to learn the fundamentals of art — shading, various techniques, and media that I wouldn’t know how to teach. I love that Sparketh Online Art Lessons has those types of courses included. We recently took the course on Colored Pencil Shading. It was a great introduction on how to shade and blend and also taught contrast colors. It is also very helpful that they have downloads to go along with the video courses.


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All Different Learning Styles

One of my top reasons for going with online art lessons is that it works with all different learning styles. Even though Alyssa can easily recreate by just looking at a picture, not all kids are like that. For instance, Hayley is very much an audible learner. She needs to hear the directions explained to her. Looking at a picture and reading the instructions and trying to copy it, is not how she best learns. With online art lessons, it is great that she can watch the video, playback any part that she needs to hear again, and pause it to do her work. Sparketh’s courses are set up so that each course is broken down into short manageable videos, which I love.

A few weeks ago we did the Elephant Silhouette painting.  That course was broken down into 4 video lessons which ranged from about 6 – 9 minutes.  The kids loved doing this painting and they are already debating about which one to do next. The great thing is that it doesn’t matter because the lessons are always available.  We can watch them whenever we want, another great benefit of online art lessons.


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Sparketh online art lessons


Grows with the Kids

Another great benefit of online art lessons is that as the kids progress in their abilities, they can be challenged with a new level of art course.  Sparketh has three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are numerous courses in each level and new courses are being added every week. They even have a form you can fill out if you would like to request a certain course. Score!



Also, high on my list of requirements was that I wanted it to be fun. I didn’t want art lessons to be just another thing we needed to do.  With Sparketh Online Art Lessons, we are having fun and enjoying our time doing them.  There hasn’t been a time when I said, “Hey let’s do an art lesson,”  and it was followed by grumbling and complaining.  The kids (and myself) have really been having a fun time.

This past week the boys were playing outside and I asked the girls if they wanted to do an online art class with me. They excitedly started to clear the table and get ready. We decided to draw a hamburger. Looking at the picture, I wasn’t quite sure we would be able to pull it off, but I am very pleased with our finished products. They looked so good to us that we decided to take some fun pictures of them on plates.

Sparketh Online Art Lessons


Draw a Burger


Sparketh Online Art Lessons For Kids

The kids and I have loved the addition of art to our homeschool days. Sparketh has an array of online art lessons and we give it an accumulative 10 thumbs up.

Anyone can sign up for a free one-month trial of Sparketh Online Art Lessons. I can’t encourage you enough to do it. What’s better than an opportunity to try it before you buy it?

You can also check out Sparketh on all your social media outlets: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Benefits of Online Art Lessons for Kids












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