Nourish Our Bodies

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One of the areas on our Family Purpose Statement is to pursue a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways we do that is to nourish our bodies with real food.


Nourish Our Bodies



For the last several years, we have taken strides to eat in a more healthy manner. Giving our bodies real food that truly nourishes, helps us in living our lives to the fullest. I am currently in the midst of a 6-week challenge and have been eating more clan than normal.  However, this past weekend, I was not home for dinner for three nights straight. I didn’t make the best choices, and my body let me know it. I was surprised by how crappy I felt.  Real food nourishes our bodies and helps us to live better!


Final Thoughts on Nourish Our Bodies

How are you nourishing your bodies? What small steps can you take to start living a healthier lifestyle? Shoot for a goal or two fruits a day and two vegetables a day if you are not in the practice of eating them. Is there something that you can cut out? Listen, two years ago I cut coffee creamer cold turkey.  If I can do that, I know you can do something too! RIP International Delight.




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For write 31 days I will be focusing on how I strive to live the full life. #write31days #livingthefulllife

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