Mother’s Day – What Gift Could Be Better?

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Mother's Day Gift Better Life Bags

You all know what the next holiday is, right? If you don’t, that is a big, big, huge mistake.


Mother’s Day is 11 days away. Count them: 1, 2, 3…Ok, you get the idea, you are running out of time. Have you thought about what you are going to be getting your Mother for Mother’s Day… or if you are a Mother – what subtle hints you will be leaving around the house???


Well, I am here to tell you about what I have asked for already bought myself for Mother’s Day. Yes, I already bought it. Whatever. At least I’m not making my husband and kids get up at 4:30 in the morning to drive 5 hours to Willow Creek Church outside of Chicago to hear Jen Hatmaker speak on Mother’s Day like I did last year. Bless them.


So, have I dragged this on enough? Are you ready to hear what I got and what you will want?


better life BAGS


Have you heard of this company that is right in our own backyard? Better Life Bags was started by Rebecca Smith in 2009 as an ETSY shop. Rebecca wanted to help better other people’s lives, so she gave 10% of each bag sale to overseas low-income entrepreneurs through microloans. When Better Life Bags grew, Rebecca first hired a neighbor from Yemen to help her sew the bags. Now Rebecca is helping many local women from low-income areas near Detroit to earn an income, and these women are able to help support their families. How awesome is that? I love supporting companies that give back, and I love supporting local companies! It’s a double win! Here is a video to check out. It is 7 minutes, but it is worth that time. Trust me.


Better Life Bags Mother's Day


I was able to go to the Better Life Bag office/shop a few weeks ago. Every second Saturday they have an open workshop where you can go and check out all the different bags and all the different fabrics. Your options are endless with this. You pick a bag design, then you pick a leather, and then you pick a fabric(s). Your bag can be as unique as you are. If designing your own bag seems too overwhelming for you (like it did for me) they have a whole Ready to Ship section that you can just pick from. Those styles are already made and ready to be shipped. Now, it is too late to have a custom bag in time for Mother’s Day, but you could easily have a Ready to Ship bag in time as they ship those 24-36 hours from purchase. Or you could even give the Mother in your life a Gift Card so she can design her own custom bag.



So, like I said, it was a bit overwhelming for me to pick a bag. There were so many options. I had decided I wanted to go with the black and white stripe as my fabric, but I could not decide what bag I wanted. I was trying them on, walking around the store, taking pictures and sending them to my husband. Six other women came in, shopped, bought bags, and left, all while I was still trying to decide. Rebecca was very patient with me and told me to put everything from my purse into the bags and then decide. So I did. I am sure I seemed like a freak. Finally, I made my decision, and I left the store with my very own Brynnda bag! I could not be happier. It is roomy but not bulky. I love the adjustability of the leather strap. And the mini front pocket has been great for easy access to my keys and phone. The other bag I was looking at was the Harper Backpack. Teacher’s Appreciation Day is coming up… perhaps my kids will want to get their amazing teacher a gift? A backpack would make a great gift. Or Nesting Pouches. Or a Wristlet Set. A girl can dream, right?


So, that is what I picked out for Mother’s Day. Want one for yourself? Sign-up for their newsletter and you can receive 10% off of your first order.


Already have a #betterlifebag? I would love to see it. Tag me in your Instagram photos @heathergerwing


*I did not receive any compensation for this post.  I am just a very happy and satisfied customer that wants to help promote this company.



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    Oh, I love this! I will have to check out their bags. Never too many!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Heather!

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