When Mornings Do Not Work For Morning Basket

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I had heard of the concept of having a morning basket for many years but was reluctant to give it a try. I didn’t know how I could add one more thing to our mornings! Mornings are hard! Let me say that again… MORNINGS ARE HARD.


How I learned that Morning Basket doesn't just need to be done in the morning, and how we make it work for our schedule

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I need at least one, better if it is two, cups of coffee before greeting my children in the morning. Although I consider myself a morning person and would much rather get up early than stay up late, I still need caffeine prior to any interaction. My kids too need time to wake and prepare themselves for the day. I am sure we have a slower morning start than most, but it is what works for our family.


With that said, two days out of the week we need to have our school work wrapped up by 11:00 AM. That does not allow for much time. Both my girls are a part of a homeschool ballet studio, and their classes start at 12:00. Trying to get my kids to do division after they have returned from dance does not happen, so I need to optimize our morning time for their independent and core subjects.  We then have co-op one day of the week, and that leaves us with two slower/relaxed mornings at home. That is why mornings to do not work for us to do Morning Basket.


When Mornings Do Not Work For Morning Basket

I remember reading several blog posts about Morning Basket, and I loved the idea of it, it was just that I struggled with how I could do it. I didn’t have margin in our mornings for Morning Basket. That is when I asked a friend of mine who I also knew had one or two days a week where she had to be out of the house in the mornings how she did morning basket on those days. Are you ready for her answer? She said, “I just do it in the afternoon.”


Mic Drop.


I kid you not, this was revolutionary to me.  For this Type A, by the book homeschool mom, the thought of doing Morning Basket in the afternoon was by all measures, wrong — but guess what? It works! And not only does it work, but I also love what it adds to our afternoons.


What Does Our Morning Basket {Afternoon Basket} Entail?

The first thing we do in our relaxed time together is to go over the calendar. This is for my little guy, and he is doing quite well with his days of the week and his months. However, he also knows how to ask Alexa to tell him how many more days until his birthday, so I’m not sure he will ever actually use a calendar in real life.


Part of our Morning Basket time is spent going over the calendar


Next up is our Bible Study. We all attend a Bible Study, and we go over the reading and the questions together.  After that, we will spend some time in the arts, and I will read some read-alouds. One afternoon, we will also listen to a chapter or two of Story of the World. We will also try and do a nature hike once a week. We are blessed to live within walking distance to a nature preserve. However, not sure how much longer the hikes will last with this Michigan weather and a homeschool mom who is allergic to cold.


Part of our Morning Time is spent in nature.



Resources for Morning Basket

My brain is on overload most days, that is why I am thankful for the Morning Basket resources that Pam Barnhill has created. Her plans are detailed and outlined and do not require much prep. I request some books from our local library online and pick them up. She has several resources that can accommodate and supplement what you may already be studying in your regular school work and her plans link right to those resources. So simple.  I have enjoyed filling my basket with resources that I know have been reviewed and recommended and also come with a structure on how best to utilize them.


Fall Morning Basket Resources


For September and October, we enjoyed using the Fall Morning Time Plans. The read-alouds were enjoyable and relatable to the fall season.  Another aspect I love with the Morning Time Plans is the high emphasis on the arts. Since this is our first year not doing a boxed curriculum (that used to contain those subjects), I appreciate that we can still study them with a structure already in place.  Art, Poetry, and Dance are scheduled throughout the plans!


Art, Dance, and Poetry included in Morning Time Plans



The Flexibility of Morning Basket

I feel like God has been whispering the theme of flexibility over and over again this year with our homeschooling. I once was so unlikely to stray from an outlined path, however, over the years I have learned that what suits me does not suit my kids. All of my kids thrive on having some semblance of routine but not a rigid schedule. Morning Basket provides us with precisely that. Even though there are outlined plans, there is freedom in how you incorporate them.  I am so glad that I looked outside the box and tried morning basket in the afternoon.


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Do you do a Morning Basket? I would love for you to share with me what you use and what you incorporate! I am excited about the FREE Advent Morning Basket Plans!! They will be a great tool in our homeschooling as we prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth!!















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