Know Your Limits

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Living the Full Life requires that you know you limits!

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Today was our homeschool co-op day. That means we are out of the house from 8:15 until about 4:00. For me – an introvert – this day, although I love it, drains me. Thankfully, I am aware of this, and I take measures to help keep me from losing my cool. If you want to live the full life you need to know your limits.

I have two hours off during that day. There is a mom’s room that you can hang out in and socialize during that hour, however – I retreat to my car. Today to write, most days to read. It is not that I am anti-social. I just know that I need some peace and quiet so I can be my best self the rest of the day.

The same happens when we get home. My kids know when we get home from co-op they can pretty much do their own thing because this Mom needs a break. I serve on Thursday nights in our church’s middle school ministry – however, after a long day at co-op if I went and helped Thursday night without recharging I would reach empty. I would be no good to my family or to the middle school kids.

This also means being able to say “no,” to asks that you know is not within your limits. Too many times I have said yes to something because I either didn’t want to disappoint the person who was asking me, or I felt like I didn’t have a choice, or mostly, it is hard to say no. The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst is an excellent book on learning to say no to things that are not within your margin. This is also where having a purpose statement can help you in defining things that are important to you – making it more clear on the areas in your life you want to give your best yes.


Final Thoughts on Know Your Limits

Do you know what your personality is? Do you know what energizes you? What drains you? There are multiple personality tests online that you can take and it can help give you a clearer picture of what makes you tick. I highly recommend figuring that out first. After you know that, it will help you in defining your limits. Next, learn to say no. Again, if you need some hand-holding and encouragement in doing this, read The Best Yes!




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