The Joy Set Before Us

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The Joy Set Beofre Us


I am not an avid television watcher; the TV is rarely on in our home. However, this month it will be on non-stop all day. Why? The Olympics. I love watching the Olympics! I enjoy watching the athletes who have spent hours training to perform in a sporting event they have dreamed of for years.


I make a night of watching the opening ceremony. Not only are the performances a creative masterpiece, but I love seeing the athletes walking into the arena carrying their flags with pride. The joy evident on every single one of their faces is priceless.


Every athlete has worked hard, dedicating years to perfect their skills. And here they are, at the greatest international sporting competition, ready to give it their all. When they are walking into that arena on the first night, they have no idea what the days ahead will hold for them. But they are filled with eagerness, excitement, and hope of a medal. There is a particular joy set before them and they want to attain it.


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