How to Tend Your Field

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Earlier this month I shared over at The Glorious Table about How to Tend Your Field.

How to Tend Your Field

On this blog back in May, I shared about how the opening of our local pool club on Memorial Day weekend signaled the beginning of summer to me. I also shared how I was going to be intentional about the pool club being my mission field. (Click here for that post).

Unfortunately, unseasonably cold weather kept us from going to the pool that first weekend. However, during one of our early trips there, on a 90-degree day, I claimed my mission field in a way I would never have imagined.

Around dinnertime, my youngest was not feeling the best, and my parents were visiting, but heading to the pool with my three oldest when the crowd is usually pretty light sounded like a great idea. They didn’t really want to go, but I insisted we should.

Soon we were having a good time at the pool. It was so hot, I jumped in to cool off too.

As we were packing up our gear and getting our flip-flops on to leave, I heard a scream. “Help!”

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