Homeschool Happenings – May

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… LOL! Yes, as I am sitting here thinking about what we did in our homeschool this past month – I am also thinking and very much looking forward to the slowing down that happens in May.  For now, here is our Homeschool Happenings – May edition. Which is really about all the things we did in April. LOL.



Homeschool Happenings – May


April was kind of a blah month here in MI.  We had a few nice days, but many cool, damp, and rainy ones too. We, unfortunately, didn’t do any cool outside activities. April was more of a month of getting some things done.


We had our registration for next year at our co-op and I am really excited about the classes the kids will be taking there. The three older ones will be taking Zoology 3 and Story of the World 2 and Blake is super excited to be moving up to the Kindergarten class!


Hayley is currently taking the Lemonade to Leadership class at co-op. This class entails that she start a business, prepare marketing, and having a trade show day at our co-op.  She went into business with a friend and they sold baked goods. Needless to say, the week of the tradeshow consisted of a lot of baking for her. However, I am proud to report that they net about $50. Pretty good for selling items at $1.00 and under.

Baking School


Also, at the end of April, the girls performed in our co-op’s choir concert.  They have both enjoyed their choir class and the concert is always a wonderful display of the kid’s talents.


Lastly, soccer started in April and both boys have been enjoying that.  Cole has moved up to the U9 league and Blake is now playing in the U7 league.  We now have double headers on Saturday mornings, but it is worth it when you see your kids doing something they love.



So that about rounds out the month of April for us.  How was your homeschool in April?  Are you looking forward to the slowing down of May?


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