Homeschool Happenings – March

Here we are with another month update of what has been happening in our homeschool. February was a fun month, so I am excited to share with you, our Homeschool Happenings – March edition.

Homeschool Happenings March


Homeschool Happenings – March

February started off with a field trip. A four-day field trip to Boyne Mountain to be exact. A good friend of ours organizes a field trip to a ski resort about 3 hours away. We drive up on Tuesday, ski Wednesday and Thursday and then head home on Friday. We can rent nearby condos, and the three older kids and Jeff can enjoy two full days on the slopes. There were over 100 people associated with our group, mostly homeschooling families, and it is an incredible opportunity. Blake was able to hang out with some friends at the condo and is looking forward to hitting the slopes next year!

Homeschool Happenings - March



Curriculum Change-Up

Also, I know I shared in our February update how we had changed up our curriculum some, so I wanted to take some time to share with you what we are doing.


Over Christmas break, I evaluated what we were doing, and what I thought would be the best move for our homeschool going forward. We attend a co-op that I love, and that provides excellent classes for the kids. One of the offerings is the Story of the World (SOTW) curriculum – however – with our schedule with My Father’s World we were a year off from the co-op’s schedule. We would have been starting SOTW 2 after Christmas, and the Co-op will be offering SOTW 2 next fall.


I decided that I wanted the kids to take SOTW at co-op and get on the same schedule as co-op so that we could take SOTW 2 when we start our next school year in September.


The My Father’s World curriculum that we used last year (Creation to Greeks) does not use SOTW 1. I already had the audio of SOTW 1, so I decided that we would spend this second semester listening to the SOTW 1 audio CDs. Then we would be all set to take SOTW 2 at co-op in September.


Additionally, I felt that the kids needed a refresher on their USA geography, so we are mixing up our days between the SOTW audio and doing some map work of the USA and also playing some games to make learning the geography fun.


I feel like the whole atmosphere has changed some in our homeschool. The kids love listening to the cd’s and coloring the activity sheets while they listen, and they are super excited when we play games.
It has been freeing to me to know that I can change things up and I can veer away from the original lesson plans and still have things work out well.


Is It Spring?

We also had some unfathomably warm weather in February.  It was AWESOME!!  So of course, we had to make the most of it.  February was such a good month weather-wise in Michigan.  It was a much-needed treat after gloomy January!

Homeschool Happenings


I can’t help but giggle at the contrast of the two pictures.  Both in February! #PureMichigan


So that about wraps up February.  What did your homeschool look like last month? Stop on by iHomeschool Network and check out other mom’s homeschool journals!

Homeschool Happenings


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    Sounds like a fun month indeed. 🙂 We had a week of warm weather here in Wyoming that melted all our snow – we enjoyed it, too, while it lasted. So happy spring is right around the corner!

    Sounds like some great changes in your homeschool – glad it is going well!

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