Homeschool Happenings – January

Homeschool Happenings


It is a brand new month and a brand new year! To start off the New Year, I have decided to do a monthly series – Homeschool Happenings, to update you on what we have been doing in our homeschool.  I will do this at the beginning of every month.


Homeschool Happenings – January

Well, this is going to be a brief update, because honestly, not a lot of schooling happened in the month of December. We got a little bit of work done here and there, however, with family visiting, illness, and the holidays it was a very slow and relaxed month.  And I have learned that that is OK.


Mom Mom & Pop Pop Visit

My parents came out for a weeks visit at the beginning of December.  We had a lot of fun, and it went too fast.  I don’t usually plan for school when we have family in for a visit.  I figure I don’t take snow days, or in-service days, or any of the other kinds of days that schools close for, so we take family-in-town days off for school.  Besides, we usually will do some sort of educational outing, like Dave and Busters.

Homeshool Happenings



First, let me start off with, that we are blessed to have very healthy kids.  The number of times I have had to take my kids to the Doctor for an illness is slim.  Unfortunately, though, we do not always escape being sick.  The three youngest were hit with fevers and coughs the whole week before Christmas.  I had originally planned to do school that week, but when they all woke up Monday morning with fevers and coughs, I threw that idea out the window.  We thought Hayley avoided it, however, the past few days now she has been fighting a fever.  I am praying for it to all be gone by the beginning of next week. One plus that came out of the week of sickness was all the snuggles I was able to get.  I got to cuddle and read all day long.

Homeschool Happenings



One thing that we did take advantage of while the kids were all healthy was some fun playing.  Winter in Michigan can be brutal, more so for someone who hates being cold! A church in the area recently built a play structure that is open during the week for FREE! My kids had an awesome time there and played non-stop for two hours. They have also been begging to go back.  I forsee lots of trips there this winter to get some exercise and burn some energy!

Homeschool Happenings



This past month, especially just since Christmas has been full of games! I try to give the kids new games every year for Christmas because it is just a fun family activity.  This year, the two biggest winners have been SET and Ticket To Ride (pictured below). We have played multiple rounds of each game and even though it took us a few tries to play Ticket To Ride the right way we have really enjoyed it.  I only wish that the states were named on the board.  I might take a sharpie to the board and add them!

Homeschool Happenings


That pretty much sums up December.  We did get some actual work done, but not a lot.  I (not so sure about the kids!) am looking forward to getting back into our routine starting on Monday.  I am changing up some of what we have been doing, and I look forward to sharing more about that in the February update.


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  1. I LOVE the idea of that play structure — and FREE???!! Winters aren’t brutal in KY, but my outdoorsy loving children get a wee stir crazy. It can get pricey to take them to indoor play zones.

    Great to connect with you!

  2. Michelle
    | Reply

    I had a sick little boy snuggling me too recently ♥ I’ve had my eye on Ticket to Ride – I’m glad to see it’s a winner! I hope you enjoyed your slow month and feel energized and renewed when you start back up on Monday. Looking forward to seeing more of what’s going on in your homeschool!

    Visiting from iHomeschool Network – nice to meet you Heather!

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Thanks for stopping by Michelle! And yes, Ticket to Ride is a winner!!

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