Homeschool Happenings – February

We took the first week of January off from doing work and started back into everything on the 9th. Here is our Homeschool Happenings – February update.


Homeschool Happenings


Homeschool Happenings – February

Although we enjoyed our break, I think we were all ready to get back into our routine of schooling.  Ok, I was, it was only me, that was ready!

I changed things up for us some, and it has been working well. I did something that was not typical of me, and I strayed from the lesson plan. Gasp!  My friends are making fun of me, asking me how I am doing. I am THAT type A! I have another post in the works that is going to go into more depth about our change of plans and curriculum so be watching for that.



We have really been diving into the USA! We have been having a lot of fun learning about the 50 states, where they are all located, and some interesting facts too.  Additionally, we have a few USA themed games, so we have been having a blast playing those during our school time as well. Here is what we have been playing: Scrambled States of America, USA BingoSequence States and Capitals, and Great States Junior.


USA Games



What is winter in Michigan without snow!  Thankfully, we haven’t had a ton, but the kids have made the most of what we have had.  Whenever we get more snow, the kids are all eager to get their work done so that they can spend their whole afternoons outside.

Homeschool Happenings - February


Everything Else

We started back up all the extracurricular activities that the kids are involved in… Dance, American Heritage Girls, Co – op.  Everything started at different times over the month too, so we had a nice gradual reintroduction to them.  Oh, and remember that play structure that I mentioned in the January update… we have been there approximately every day. Ok, so not every day but we have been at least once a week and sometimes twice.


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Homeschool Happenings

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    Stopping by from IHN’s Homeschool Mother’s Journal…

    I totally understand about the Type A thing. It’s so tough to let yourself deviate from lesson plans or let go of a curriculum mid-year!

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