Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices For This Year

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homeschool curriculum choices for this year

Well, it’s official, Summer has ended, and we are back in school mode.  We have a few weeks under our belt so I thought I would take some time to share with you, our homeschool curriculum choices for this year.



Blake is in his 2nd year of Pre-school or what I am referring to as Young 5’s.  He will be five in November, so if he were in public school he wouldn’t have entered Kindergarten this year, so I figured, why rush it? For his curriculum, I am using the Rod and Staff Preschool Set. This curriculum covers colors and shapes, cutting and pasting, numbers and counting, and letters and sounds. Blake is enjoying school and is much more interested in learning this year than he was last year.  Additionally, at our co-op Blake is in a Preschool class that does a letter-a-week program, gym class, music class, and a nature class.
Preschool Curriculum



Cole is in 1st Grade. He is blowing my mind with how well he is doing and his eagerness to do his work.  We are using My Father’s World 1st Grade curriculum which is a phonics based curriculum that I also used with both girls. It builds on the phonics sounds that Cole learned last year and before I know it, he will be reading.

mfw 1st grade



For Math, I am using what I started the girls off with, and that is the Alpha Math-U-See curriculum. It is a video-based curriculum that teaches single-digit addition and subtraction.  It also uses a manipulative block set to help in the learning process.

alpha math-u-see


At co-op Cole also takes Spanish, Gym, Music, Art, and Lego Club.


The Girls

Hayley is in the 5th Grade and Alyssa is in 4th grade.  Because Alyssa started to read the same time Hayley did, I have, for the most part, taught them at the same level at home.  For our base curriculum this year we use My Father’s World Rome to Reformation. It is a multi-level curriculum that covers history and Bible. We have always used MFW, and we continue to enjoy it.  Along with using Story of The World Volume 2 on cd, there are several other books that we will be using throughout the course of the year.  Right now, we are reading through Augustus Caesars World and are enjoying that.

mfw rome to reformation


For Language Arts, the girls use a couple of different materials.  They each have their own cursive handwriting book that they use daily. Also, we use Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 2, Spelling Power, and English from the Roots Up which they are studying the Latin roots of words. (Last year they studied the Greek roots)

language arts curriculum


Last year we switched math curriculums.  We had been using Math-U-See, but the girls were struggling some with it.  I borrowed a different curriculum from a friend to give it a test drive and the girls preferred it so much more so we made the switch to Teaching Textbooks.  The girls have a few more lessons from TT4 that they started last year and then they will move on to TT5.  We also add in workbooks from The Critical Thinking Company.

Teaching Textbooks


The girls are in a science class together at the co-op and are using Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology program.  I am so thankful that they can get such a quality science class at our co-op as it is my least favorite subject to teach.  They are also both in the Toastmasters class where they are practicing public speaking.  Hayley is also taking an elections and government class, Lemonade to Leadership, and her favorite class is her Drama and movie making class.  Alyssa is taking a Michigan history class, Spanish, and is loving the choir class that she is in.  Both girls also serve one hour each helping with the pre-schoolers.


So, there are our homeschool curriculum choices for this year. I hope you enjoyed reading about what we will be studying. What curriculum are you using this year?  Let me know in the comments. Also, if you haven’t checked out my other posts in my #backtohomeschoolseries be sure to read those too.



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    I would love to talk to you about Teaching Textbooks and My Fathers World. Both are possibilities for us next year. We are using the same volume of Story of the World. We love it!

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    I’m intrigued by Language Lessons for the Elementary Child… Adding it to my to-be-researched list!

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      Emily, this is our second year with it. If you are familiar with Primary Language Lessons it is similar in style.

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