Have Traditions

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I think it is important for families to have traditions. Some of our fall traditions are going to our favorite cider mill, carving pumpkins, and of course our family Halloween costume.


Have Traditions


Establishing traditions is a way to provide a constant in your families life. No matter what else is going on, you can count on the traditions that are already set in place. Since our family has been active with trick or treating, we have done family Halloween costumes. I plan to share more about these tomorrow!


A few of our other traditions are doing a summer bucket list, decorating our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and hosting an egg hunt. Another tradition that we do is we get an ornament from our vacations and travels. It makes for a reminiscent filled tree decorating!


Final Thoughts on Have Traditions

Traditions provide a sense of security as well as unity. What traditions do you have in your family? I would love to hear some of them!




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