Have Fun

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It’s late, and I am tired but today was a fun day. Living the Full Life means we need to learn how to have fun.


Have Fun


It was costume day at our co-op, and there are only a few moms who participate, but you better believe I am one of them. To me, it is fun. To my kids who are watching me, it is fun. They love that I take dressing up seriously. After co-op we spent time enjoying the beautiful day at the cider mill, then we finished it by going as a family to The Rock (our church’s middle school ministry). It was family night, so the whole family got to go.  It was a Fun Day!!!


Final Thoughts on Have Fun

Life is short. And more times than not, serious. It is important to have fun. Laughter really is good for the soul. What do you do for fun? If it has been awhile since you have had some fun, now is the time. Go — do it.




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For write 31 days I will be focusing on how I strive to live the full life. #write31days #livingthefulllife




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