Give Yourself Grace

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I knew the day would probably come, and it did. I was unable to get a post up yesterday. Instead of beating myself up about it, I decided to give myself grace. Living the Full Life doesn’t mean that you are living perfectly, you need to be able to give yourself grace when needed.


Give Yourself Grace


What I have learned through these 21 days so far is that there are nuggets of time that I have not previously¬†used wisely, that I now know I can use to write. Albeit I might not be able to get a full post up, but I can use those nuggets to get some writing done. I don’t need to have a full two hours to be able to do something in my writing. I have also learned that for me, a homeschooling mom of 4, it is not really realistic for me to have time every single day to write, and that is OK. Going forward, I will continue to do my best, and I hope I can finish this month strong, but I also know, writing every day is not a realistic expectation.


Final Thoughts on Give Yourself Grace

What unrealistic expectation are you placing on yourself? Where in your life to you need to give yourself grace? I have found that it is much easier for me to offer grace to others, yet I struggle with offering it to myself. Pride and Perfectionism control how I perceive myself, therefore, I put that perception on others for feeling it towards me as well. It is a daily struggle to show myself grace; however, I know that I need to if I want to Live the Full Life.




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