My New Favorite Homeschool Planner and Why I Love It

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If you know me at all, you know I have a slight addiction to homeschool planners. When I attend a curriculum share night hosted by one of the local homeschool groups, you can bet money that I am taking and sharing my homeschool planner. I am not that concerned about what new math program you are using (ok, so maybe a little) what I want to know is what planner you are using and why you love it. So today, let’s pretend we are at a curriculum share night and I am going to show you my new favorite homeschool planner and share with you why I love it.


Favorite Homeschool Planner

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My New Favorite Homeschool Planner and Why I Love It

First, we need to travel back in time to last summer. I was scrolling Instagram and was stopped in my tracks as I saw my friend Lindsay’s post about a guide/planner she was using in preparation for the soon approaching homeschool year. “What in the world is this planner?” I thought to myself. I had never seen it, never heard of it. How could there be a planner I did not know about?? So many questions. Needless to say, I was on a mission to find out the answers to my questions.  Enter: Plan Your Year by Pam Barnhill.

I quickly downloaded the free sample pages and fell in love.  I really wanted to invest (because homeschool planners are an investment in the education of our children) in the whole package but since I had already purchased a planner for that year, I didn’t do it. Shame on me. Thankfully, I have it now, I love it, and I want to share with you all the benefits of it!

So Much More Than A Planner

First, this is not just a planner.  Pam has written a well-thought out planning guide that it in itself is worth gold. It was so refreshing to read through it at the end of this school year and already feel encouraged and refocused for next school year. There are so many nuggets of truth and encouragement throughout the 79-page guide. Plan Your Year comes as a pdf download, however, I chose to print it out too. I would read through it in print form and have it pulled up on my computer at the same time because at the end of each section Pam has included a “More For You” section that has links to other posts and YouTube videos that she has created!


No matter how you decide to plan your homeschool I want you to break free from old paradigms you have about education and expectations put on you by the state, your family, and that supermom in your homeschool group. Instead I want you to approach planning your homeschool by looking first at what is right for your children, your family, and yourself as a teacher. {Pam Barnhill, Plan Your Year}

As I said, truth and encouragement are in abundance! I highlighted and wrote “yes!” in the margins throughout!  Plan Your Year is divided into 10 Steps:

  • One: Create a Vision
  • Two: Craft Effective Goals
  • Three: Determine a Course of Study
  • Four: Consider Your Scheduling Options
  • Five: Plan a Week
  • Six: Evaluate and Purchase Resources
  • Seven: Build a Booklist
  • Eight: Organize Your Materials
  • Nine: Keep Records
  • Ten: Plan Your Day


Plan Your Year made me pause and really evaluate my goals and vision for our homeschool. Even though we have a Family Purpose Statement, I had never actually written out my vision for our homeschool or what I wanted our goals to be. Taking the time to go through those worksheets with the prompting questions she includes in the planning guide was eye-opening for me.


Favorite Homeschool Planner


Printable and Customizable

I will admit, I used to not be a fan of printable planners, for one reason… I never had ink. Can I get an “Amen” from another homeschool mom who goes through printer ink like my kids go through a loaf of bread! However, I wasn’t aware how affordable it was to order prints.

I printed Plan Your Year in B&W for about $7, and I printed several worksheets in color for a bit more.  Now, I am in love with the idea of a printable planner, let me explain. Other planners I have used in the past have been bulky and cumbersome and contained sections I never used. With Plan Your Year being a printable planner you can customize it to how you want it. Print only what you need.

I also love that because I am printing it and assembling it in my own three ring binder I can make it exactly how I want it. Also, I just discovered that you could print the forms to fit a Happy Planner so you know I am going to be looking into that!!

Favorite Homeschool Planner


Additionally, this truly is an investment, because once you purchase it you have lifetime access to her downloadable forms.  The 2017-2018 calendar is great for this year, and next year I will have access to print the 2018-2019 calendar as well as all the monthly calendars for that year.  You purchase once and can use year after year after year! Another perk is the Facebook community you can join to share ideas, etc.


Favorite Homeschool Planner


Plan Your Year

Plan Your Year is currently $24, however, the price will be going up to $29 on June 20, 2017. Do yourself a favor and order it NOW before the price increase and then take that $5 you saved and treat yourself to your favorite coffee. Then you can sip and enjoy while you are reading your new favorite homeschool planning guide and drooling over the 40+ downloadable forms.




Favorite Homeschool Planner













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