End Of Summer Summation

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end of summer

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you all our Summer Snapshot Series.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it and getting a peek into what our summer looked like, and perhaps were even inspired to create your own Summer Bucket List.  It is officially Fall, so I wanted to end the Summer Snapshot Series with an End Of Summer Summation.



We were able to knock off a few more items off our Summer Bucket List during the last few weeks of summer.  We went to a local miniature golf course and played a round of mini golf.  I won’t mention who had not one, but TWO hole-in-ones and won the game. (ME! It was ME! I had TWO hole-in-ones!)  {SBL #26}

End of Summer Summation


We also went to the movie theatre and watched The Secret Life Of Pets.  It was a cute movie, and we all enjoyed watching it.  It was the perfect day for a movie too as it was wet and rainy! {SBL #27}

End Of Summer Summation


On the last Friday Night of the Summer, we had a Family Game Night {SBL #28}.  I picked several of our favorite games: rat-a-tat Cat, Alphabet Go Fish, Apples to Apples Kids, and Classic Sorry for us to play.  We had a blast spending the evening together playing games. If you have not played any of these games – check them out.  rat-a-tat Cat was new to us this past year, and it quickly became a favorite.  Alphabet Go Fish is a great go fish starter game.  When I first started looking for just a generic alphabet go fish game, I was surprised at how few there were.  We have been pleased with this one by Peaceable Kingdom. Apples to Apples Kids is another fun game to play with the kids.  It’s more of a fun, less competitive game, that gets us all laughing. Jeff and I both grew up playing Sorry.  When I started reading some reviews that the newer Sorry games had changed some of the rules and made the game more friendly, I wanted nothing to do with it.  Classic Sorry ALL THE WAY!

Family Game Night


We knew we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all the items on our Summer Bucket List, but I think we did a pretty good job! We started with 44 tags on our board, and we finished with 16 left. I’d say we had a pretty fun and full Summer!

Summer bucket List


End Of Summer Summation

We had a fun-filled Summer.  We made a lot of fun memories, and most importantly, just enjoyed being together as a family.  Here are a few other summer things that happened that were not a part of our Summer Bucket List:


Licence Plate Game

Every year we play the licence plate game during our travels.  This year is the first year we got all 50 states!! YES – we saw ALL 50 states licence plates!!! When we were in NJ, and we were leaving the beach, I scared every single person in the car when I screamed that I had seen a Hawaii licence plate.  Jeff turned around and we drove by the car again and sure enough – we saw a Hawaii plate.


Before we left for our mini trip to KY, we were down to only needing one state.  We needed Wyoming, and we found it in the parking lot of the Creation Museum. We saw so many different plates just in the parking lot of the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter that we decided to see how many we could find. Just in those parking lots, we saw 41 different state plates! How awesome is that!!!

license plate game


Full Swing Ahead

One of the latest developments of the Summer is that Blake finally learned to pump on the swings by himself.  It is such a joy to see my kids grow and learn new things.  Last year, Blake only wanted little pushes on the swing and didn’t want to go too high.  Now, he is doing all he can to try and swing as high as his big brother. Can we hit the pause button on him getting bigger?



I hope you all had a fun and full Summer!  I am doing my best to embrace Fall.  Tell me, what are your favorite things about Fall?


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    There are a lot of empty clothespins on that board! Good job! 🙂 I’m glad you could have so much fun this summer. I know there were ups and downs!

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