Cultivating Your Goals One Month At A Time

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I am so excited about this post! Last year I took the plunge and invested in PowerSheets, and I could not be happier because of that decision.  PowerSheets is an intentional goal planner and the 2018 PowerSheets release TODAY!!! So what are you waiting for? Start cultivating your goals one month at a time!!


Cultivating Your Goals with PowerSheets

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What Are PowerSheets?

PowerSheets is the ULTIMATE goal planner!  PowerSheets is a one-year goal setting planner that helps you in not only setting goals that matter; it helps you plan action steps to make those goals happen! PowerSheets are perfect for anyone, in any stage of life. Single, married, young, seasoned – PowerSheets are for you! I can not express adequately, how much I have enjoyed using my PowerSheets this year. (Thank You, Lindsay, for sharing them with me!) I have always been a planner and goal-setter, but PowerSheets helped me take that to the next level. Sitting down and planning out my purpose-filled goals for the year is one of my favorite things to do.  I can not wait to dig into my new 2018 PowerSheets Goal Planner!!


Cultivating Your Goals with PowerSheets



Why Do You Need PowerSheets?

Everyone loves setting goals, but how many of those goals go unmet? PowerSheets help with the follow-through. There are many goals I might have let slide, but I set them because they are important to me; therefore I want to complete them. PowerSheets help me to be intentional with them and stay committed. Now, let’s be honest, PowerSheets will not work, unless you use them, so you need to make the investment to put the time in. Side note: I know I haven’t updated on my goals recently, or since January, but I am still progressing through them, and I plan to give a final update at the end of the year!


Cultivating Your Goals with PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner


Cultivating Your Goals One Month At A Time

With PowerSheets you work through setting overall goals, and then you break them down. For instance, if I wanted to run a marathon (Bah hah hah!) I wouldn’t set to have that goal completed in January because that is entirely unrealistic. I would break it down. What do I need to do in January to get me to that goal that I want to achieve later in the year? What do I need to do in February? I think you get the point. Additionally, PowerSheets help you stay on track with smaller, yet still meaningful goals, throughout your month with its Tending Lists where you can break down your monthly goals into weekly and daily as well.



Final Thoughts on PowerSheets

Don’t waste another single second! Head on over to the Cultivate What Matters Shop and order yourself a 2018 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner! Don’t stop there either, pick up some stickers too – because WHO does not need more stickers in their life?? Want more, I have read both Make It Happen and Cultivate and LOVE them both! They will be a fantastic addition to your PowerSheets. Oh, and let’s not forget the Write The Word Journals! Swoon!

Living The Full Life doesn’t just happen. We need to set goals and make them happen! Powersheets, help!


PowerSheets are amazing! Love setting Goals!




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