The Joy Set Before Us

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  I am not an avid television watcher; the TV is rarely on in our home. However, this month it will be on non-stop all day. Why? The Olympics. I love watching the Olympics! I enjoy watching the athletes who have spent hours training to perform in a sporting event they have dreamed of for years.   I make a night of watching the opening ceremony. Not only are the performances a creative masterpiece, but I love seeing the athletes … Read More

What’s Your Love Equation?

  Recently I was waiting in the return line at our local Costco. That line during the holiday season is a test of patience and determination. I survived, feeling the workers should toss confetti at me for my significant accomplishment. However, something much more special happened. As my kids and I were waiting, a toddler who had just learned to walk came out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around my daughter’s legs like she was a long-lost friend. We … Read More

How to Tend Your Field

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Earlier this month I shared over at The Glorious Table about How to Tend Your Field. On this blog back in May, I shared about how the opening of our local pool club on Memorial Day weekend signaled the beginning of summer to me. I also shared how I was going to be intentional about the pool club being my mission field. (Click here for that post). Unfortunately, unseasonably cold weather kept us from going to the pool that first weekend. … Read More

Are You Tending the Field?

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  I’m a homebody. I love the comfort and security of being at home. Most evenings you can find me curled up on the couch reading a book or on my laptop writing—two of my favorite things to do.   I’m also a mom to four kids, and because I homeschool them, we spend many hours at home. When we’re not at home, we’re usually hanging out with other Christian friends. As a result, our exposure to the secular world … Read More

Out of the Comfort Zone

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Recently, my husband and I were wanting to take our children somewhere that we weren’t sure was going to be open. I sent them a Facebook message asking about the open hours that day. I sent a message because I hate making phone calls. I’d rather send an email or a text than just call–heck, I’d send a carrier pigeon if it would get me out of making a phone call. After a little while, they hadn’t responded to my … Read More

When You’re Longing For Change

    I’m not a winter person. I’m not even a fall or spring person. Summer is my jam, and if it were up to me, I would live in an area without wintry weather. However, I live in Michigan. The winters here are cold, gray, and filled with snow that never seems to melt. And we saw the sun only a whopping two days in January this year.   Michigan winters are heavy on my soul, and I’m counting … Read More

Joy for All People

  One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is get up early, snuggle under a cozy fleece blanket with coffee cup in hand, and gaze at our Christmas tree as it dimly lights the room. In Michigan, more often than not the ground outside the window is covered in white, glistening snow. The peace and joy I feel as I sit there, looking at my tree in the quiet of the morning, warms my heart.   … Read More

Jesus Versus Stuff: The Real Battle We Face at Christmas

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    The holidays are here. I know this because my mailbox is overflowing with sale ads and circulars every single day. Sometime during the last decade, “Black Friday” turned into “Black Thursday Afternoon.” Stores used to open early at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, then some went to midnight, and in the last few years stores started opening at 5:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Some people have protested by not shopping on Thanksgiving. But why is there even a need … Read More

3 Truths God Taught Me In a Decade of Mothering

  I have been a mother for a decade, yet this fact still does not seem real to me. It feels like just months ago I was holding my first baby in my arms. In reality, I became a first-time mom ten years ago, and less than six years later, I was a mom of four. Over the past decade, as my oldest has grown into a beautiful young lady, I have grown both as a woman and as a … Read More