What Book Character Would You Be?

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Last week at our homeschool co-op we had a Fun Day where we were to dress up as a book character. The kids and I had a great time figuring out who we would be and what we needed to complete our costumes.  Take a look to see what characters we dressed up as. What book character would you be?   Super Grover Blake was the easiest decision by far.  He LOVES Super Grover, and he already had a Super … Read More

End Of Summer Summation

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  I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you all our Summer Snapshot Series.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it and getting a peek into what our summer looked like, and perhaps were even inspired to create your own Summer Bucket List.  It is officially Fall, so I wanted to end the Summer Snapshot Series with an End Of Summer Summation.   SBL We were able to knock off a few more items off our Summer Bucket List during the last … Read More

From the Bank to Creation and an Encounter

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We recently had the opportunity to take a mini family vacation to Kentucky to visit The Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter. Taking the time to get away as a family is important to us and this trip was a memorable one. From the Bank to Creation and an Encounter we had a few fun-filled days.   The Bank Being a family of six does not make it easy when trying to find a hotel where we can all stay in … Read More

Summer Snapshot #13

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Summer Snapshot #13 Well, the end of Summer got the best of me.  I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I last updated on our Summer adventures.  We did have some expected and unexpected travel as well as more home renovation projects, so needless to say it has been a FULL month! Here is a summer snapshot of the last month.   Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter We took a mini family vacation to visit the Creation … Read More

Summer Snapshot #10

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I can not believe it is August 1st and that I am posting our 10th Summer Snapshot.  Someone, quick, hit the pause button on Summer!  Here is a look back at what took place this week.   Police Tour On Monday, the kids and I took a field trip to a local police station with one of the homeschool groups in our area.  We were able to check out the inside of a police cruiser and tour the facility.  We were … Read More

Summer Snapshot #9

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We are getting close to the end of July, and that is making me sad.  I can’t believe we only have one more month of summer vacation left before we start up school again.  At the same time, it is hard for me to believe that I am already on summer Snapshot #9. Time is going too fast!   On a happy note, we had another great week last week.  All the kids were in swim lessons last week, and … Read More

Summer Snapshot #8

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  This past week was another one full of memories.  The kids attended a local church’s Vacation Bible School in the morning which meant this mama had her mornings to herself all week… a rarity for homeschooling moms.  The kids had a fun week at VBS, and we were able to throw in some other fun things too. On Monday it was July 11th. {7/11} If you are unaware most 7-11 stores give away free Slurpees on this day, so … Read More

Summer Snapshot #7

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Summer feels like it is flying by. I want to hit the stop button. I am looking at the calendar, and I almost have anxiety about how fast it is going and how little time we have left. This past week, we had a monumental birthday in the house. Hayley turned 10! Jeff took the day off, and we had such a fun day celebrating her and doing everything that she wanted to do. We went to the pool, then … Read More

Summer Snapshot #6

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It’s Thursday people.  Thursday!  What can I say, we are living some full weeks. I apologize for the delay in getting the recap of last week up but, to my credit, we were on vacation!  Last week we had a wonderful week visiting my family in New Jersey.   It was such a fun filled full week! It is so nice now that the kids are older not having to worry about naps and all the little kid things.  Even … Read More

Summer Snapshot #5

It has been nice getting settled back into our house this week. The whole month of June was a bit of a whirlwind with all the home renovation projects going on. One of the kids even commented that it was like we were living in a ‘Fixer-Upper.’ Alas, the house is painted, the new carpet is installed, furniture is put back in its rightful place, and pictures are hung back on the walls.   This past week both boys took … Read More

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