These are the Best Days of My Life

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These are the Best Days of My LifeWhen I first read the topic for this week’s #FridayFive,  “Days I would live again” the first thing that came to my mind was the song, “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. I started thinking about days I would want to live over again. For one reason or another, this was hard. There are some days, you think you should want to live over – and don’t. Like for instance, I have four beautiful babies, and I would absolutely NOT want to live any of those four days over again. The Miracle of Life is wonderful and beautiful; me giving birth is not. I love my kids, but in no way do I want to live those days over again. Not. Happening. Same thing goes for that time I ran the Chicago Marathon. It is an accomplishment that I am proud of but I have the medal; I do not need to live that day ever again.


So, what are the days I would live over again? What are the Best Days of my life?


For The Love Launch Party
I previously wrote about my experience being on the For the Love Launch Team and in that post, I shared a tiny bit about the Launch Party at Jen Hatmakers house. One day I would like to live over again is that day. I want a do-over for that day. Not that it was a bad day, because it was awesome, I just know it could be better. The party was on September 5th – the last day of my families beach vacation, and the day before my 40th birthday. It was such a hard decision for me to go even, and I think all the extenuating circumstances prevented me from being fully present there. I was in Texas less than 18 hours. I spent the night in an (unbeknownst to me previously) CLOSED airport. Yea, Austin International closes at night. It was a ghost town in that joint, and there I was, keys to my rental car dropped in the return box, sitting in an empty airport at 2 AM by myself. There are just so many things I would do differently about that day. However, on top of that, I just want a redo because these women have become so much more precious to me in the seven months since that party. I want that time with them again.



My Surprise 40th Birthday Party
Before our Family Beach Vacation and the Launch Party, my husband successfully pulled off a surprise 40th Birthday for me. If I could relive this day over every day – I would. At one point during the party, “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts came on, and I just started crying. That song meant so much to me when Jeff and I met. God blessed our broken roads, but when I was standing there amongst all my friemilies (Friends who are like Family = Friemilies) I realized if it had not been for that broken road, I would not have moved to Michigan and I would not have any of those people in my life.


Family Beach Vacation
I moved away from NJ and my family almost 12 years ago. I go “home” about two times a year. It’s not enough, but it is what is realistic. Thankfully, my parents come out to MI a few times a year, so it is usually around every three months that I see them. Every couple years for the last dozen or so my parents have rented a house at the beach for a week for our whole family to stay in. My family, my brothers family, and my parents all in one house for one week. There are good moments and not-so-good moments when we are all under one roof, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my family; I love the time we are all able to be together.




Marrying the Man of My Dreams
Ok, so maybe this one is a bit ‘cliche – but it is the truth. I would say, “I Do” over and over and over again to marry this man. 4,214 times to be exact – that’s how many days we have been married. Marriage is not easy, but it is a blessing. I could not imagine life without Jeff. He is my best friend, my biggest encourager, and my soul mate. We complete each other’s thoughts and daily make each other laugh. I would marry him every day. Beyond that, though, it was just the perfect day. Beautiful day, at the beach, surrounded by our family. I wouldn’t change a thing about that day. Well, except for maybe how long it took for our food to come at the dinner afterwards. ‘Cause, you know. 😉



My Fullest Days
This blog is about being intentional in our everyday living. Living the full life. Taking each day that God has blessed us with and living it abundantly as John 10:10 says. So, what days would I want to live again – my fullest! I think it is safe to say that all of the above mentioned days were some of my fullest days. They were full of people I love. They were also some pretty big events, but a full life is not about big things. To me, one thing that makes a life full is the people you share it with. Even though I am a self-proclaimed introvert, I love being around my people. I love living life with them. So what is one of my most recent full days… we had a beautiful sunny, warm day and Jeff, me and the kids spent it outside just enjoying the day and each other. Yup, I definitely want to live that day again.


What about you? What are the days that you would live over again?


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  1. Kelly S
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    I would absolutely do the launch party again! I don’t know that you and I got to “meet” there. And that, my friend, makes me so sad! One day we will have to make that happen! I love the video from your party! You are so loved 🙂

  2. Kori
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    Your five days sound wonderful! Loved your #5….makes me think of my own “fullest” days!

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