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homeschool day in the lifeSo, you may be wondering to yourself, “what do they do all day?” or ” I wonder what they do for school.” I get it. I do. When you do not know about something, if you have not experienced it first hand, or if you have never really talked with someone who has, you often wonder what some things are like. What really crushes me, is when people completely dismiss being able to do something, like homeschooling, before they even really know what it looks like… and it can look a million different ways. That is the beauty of homeschooling. So, I thought I would take you on a tour through our day, so you can have an idea of what it is like…


My day starts like this….


Jeff: “Good Morning, your coffee is ready.” As he sets it on the nightstand and bends down and gives me a kiss. {I know!!! In my best Monica Gellar voice} I am truly blessed, that my man gets up grinds the coffee beans, makes me a cup of coffee, and brings it to me before I even open my eyes. AND he doesn’t even drink coffee himself. Swoon.


I drink my coffee in bed as I check some email and see what I missed on Facebook in the last 7 hours. Believe it or not, when you know several people on the west coast, there is usually much to catch up on. Anyway, it is my way of waking up. After I have been up about 15 minutes and the coffee is kicking in, I read “Savor” by Shauna Niequist. Also, right now I am doing the 40 Days with Jesus Lent study that was put out by Naptime Diaries. I enjoy this quiet time so much, and I need that time before my day with the kids starts.


I usually wrap my quiet time up between 6 and 6:15 and then it is writing time for me until the kids wake up about 7:30. Usually sometime after 7, I will have a wanderer come out and ask if it is time to get up, but they are sent back to play quietly in their room until it is my official start time of 7:30.


All hell breaks loose. Not really, but kinda. Everyone is up and we decide what to have for breakfast. Our mornings are for the most part all the same but some days we have things in the afternoon, so depending on the day determines if we will just go for cereal, or if we will do eggs or pancakes or oatmeal.


IMG_6907During breakfast, I will read Leading Little Ones to God.” I absolutely LOVE this devotional for the kids. It is so rich and has so much depth for a child devotional. I was at a homeschool convention and there was a used book booth and I was holding this gem in my hand reading the back cover. Another woman walked by and said, “Buy it. It is awesome.” I was sold, and I’m so glad I was. So if you go check it out on Amazon, you will see a different version because my copyright is 1962. The only downside is that it is written in old school English with words like Mother and Father and naughty. (Not going to lie, I like the word “naughty”) I ad-lib, it’s all good. We are also studying a virtue every month using We Choose Virtues.


After breakfast, the kids will do their chores: unloading the dishwasher, recyclables, brush teeth, and make their beds and get dressed (again depending on the day).



After all of this, we are ready to start our “school” time around 8:30 AM


8:30 AM
For the girls, their school consists of things they do on their own, like handwriting (cursive). For that, they are working through workbooks that contain Bible verses and Inspirational Quotes. For language arts, they are doing Language Lessons for the Elementary Child and I am so much happier with that than the Primary Language Lessons we did last year. They are also studying Greek roots this year, so each week they study a new root and work through different exercises from English from the Roots Up. While one of them is doing all of this, the other is doing their Teaching Textbooks math lesson. Then they switch. While they are doing that work, I work with the boys on our calendar  work and morning notebook that contains things like learning our phone number and our address.  Then I start Cole on his work for Kindergarten and Blake will usually hang around for that too.  We are doing My Father’s World Kindergarten (MFW), and that focuses on a letter a week along with something God created that starts with that same letter. Recently we learned about the letter “I” and “Insects”.  For part of our study on insects, we started an ant farm. Those things are seriously hard workers.

Homeschool Ant Farm


After the girls wrap up their independent work, then it is time for me to work with them. We start with Bible Reading and reading Journey through the Bible. That book if full of background information on Bible stories, it is a great resource for any family! Then we will read the assigned reading for our “history” portion from MFW Creation to Greeks program.


On Mondays, our school wraps up at 11 AM because the girls have to be at the dance studio at 12:15. So we wrap it up, get lunch ready, and get ready for ballet. While the girls are at ballet class, the boys and I will do the weekly grocery shopping.


We get home around 3:30 and then this Mommy needs some quiet time. So I retreat to my room for a break. The boys will usually watch PBS kids, play Wii, or build Legos. The girls will finish up school work that didn’t get done in the morning, or do homework for their co-op classes {Toastmasters speech, creative writing story, Spanish worksheets, etc.}


I will start getting dinner ready around 5, we eat around 6 and then it is family time until the kids go to bed at 8.


On Tuesdays, we don’t have activities in the afternoon, so that time is used for science experiments, or working on badges for American Heritage Girls. On Wednesdays the girls have ballet again, but not as long. After ballet class, the girls finish up any co-op homework for Thursday.


On Thursdays, we are at co-op all day. We attend Heritage Co-Op. Heritage is a Christian based, parent-led co-op with its main goal of providing academic and enrichment classes to the students. It is also a wonderful time to see our fellow homeschooling friends. The boys have classes like  Gym, Music, Lego Club, and Five in a Row. Five in a Row is a curriculum that uses children’s literature to teach different concepts and then provides hands-on activities to add to the learning experience. The girls have Art, Creative Writing, Spanish, Mini Med School, and Toastmasters to name a few.


On Fridays our afternoons are free! Right now we enjoy spending them at the local rec center swimming. We will also use this time to get together with friends for a play-date or take a field trip.


So, that is what our typical days looks like. However, last week, homeschooling looked like this:

ski kids

You can read about our Family Ski Vacation here.




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  1. Camie
    | Reply

    Your homeschool days have a lovely flow! Thanks for sharing.

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Thank you, Camie. I’ll admit, some days they do not always feel like they flow all that well. Life.

  2. Christina Vereen
    | Reply

    I have been struggling getting a good routine together, so thank you for posting this.

    • Heather
      | Reply

      Christina, It is a daily struggle to keep it. I started having our afternoons more structured, but let that go in hopes of at least getting the morning stuff done. And I feel like our routine is always changing. What works now, will not work next month!! Grace (for yourself) and flexibility are key!

  3. Amy
    | Reply

    It’s fun to hear what my nieces and nephews are doing. Enjoy the simplicity of the elementary years!

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