5 Things A New Mom Actually Needs

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Being a new mom leads to needing a lot of new things. Things you never really thought about needing. For instance, when I became a new mom, I needed breast pads, nipple cream, and nursing bras… things I never needed before becoming a mom. However, those types of things are not what I am referring to here.


5 Things A New Mom Actually Needs


Good Self-Care

“Self-Care” might be a hot term right now, but self-care is important to everyone, but most importantly a new mom. When a woman becomes a mom for the very first time, there is a possibility that they will feel like they are losing their identity. When our lives revolve 24/7 over the care of another human, you can very easily lose sight that you are still you. In my post about things I did to be a better mom, I mentioned that I took time off, which was a way I practiced self-care.  It all goes back to the flight attendant instructing us to put our own mask on before assisting others. If a new mom does not take care of herself, she will not be much help to her family.



Sleep could possibly be a sub-category of “Good Self Care” but I am making it it’s own because I feel it is that important. I have lived through and survived many sleep-deprived years, but not with-out making sleep an important need. I have four kids, and I had them all in under six years – believe me – I know sleep deprivation. One thing that helped tremendously was the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; this book was a true gift to me. It helped me so much in giving me the knowledge of how to better help my kids to sleep. A dear friend left this book in my mailbox after I shared one morning at Bible Study my frustration about how I was not sleeping and I could not get my baby to sleep. Game Changer. Another thing was a sound machine. We used this best seller, but there are so many different kinds. Being a beach girl, I always had it on the waves sound, in a hopes to brainwash my kids to liking the beach. Just Kidding. Maybe. Having a sound machine helped when we would travel because even if the environment that I was putting my child to sleep in was different, I could keep the consistency of the sound that they were used to. Lastly, husbands, fathers, hear me on this. On the weekends, give your wife a pair of ear plugs and let her sleep. It took us a few kids in, to get this right, but on the weekends, I would crawl in bed early, put in the ear plugs, and get a full nights sleep. Even just one night a week was enough to get me through the next week.

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Words of Affirmation

I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I was doing something wrong, or that I was failing, or just not a good mom. Too many. Moms, especially new moms need to hear words of affirmation that we are doing a good job. When I was a fairly new mom, I was introduced to an author who wrote mainly to moms. Sally Clarkston is a life-giver with her words for moms. Her two books Ministry of Motherhood and The Mission of Motherhood spoke so much truth and affirmation to me as a mother, that I consider them invaluable resources. And new moms, if you are thinking to yourself – “how in the world do I have time to read?” – go back to point A – Good Self-Care.



The African Proverb,

“It takes a village to raise a child”

is spot on. Every new mom needs a village – whether it is a group of close friends, women from your small group, or my favorite – a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. Having other women who are in the same stage of life as you, being a new mom, is instrumental in motherhood. I could not imagine having gone through raising babies, without the support of my community. From friends bringing meals after the birth of a baby, a speaker speaking words of encouragement to me at a MOPS meeting, a friend coming over to hold my crying baby while I took a shower – having community was a blessing.  Allow yourself to join forces with other moms and build a community.



New moms, hear me on this. Above all, give yourself grace. You have never before been in the role you are now. You are a mom; you have a child who loves you and needs your love. Your baby does not care if it has a Pinterest-worthy nursery, it wants to feel the warmth of being held by you. Your baby does not need you to nurse, cloth-diaper, or make homemade baby food. I’m not saying those are wrong; I’m just saying, if they are not your thing, don’t stress about doing them. Your baby needs you, not you trying to be something you’re not. Give yourself grace and be you.


New Mom, you are going to do a great job! You are going to be the most wonderful mom to your child. Afterall, that is how God planned it.


I am joining my friend, Mrs. Disciple today for her #FridayFive. Check out other great posts for Moms.


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