5 Helpful Resources To Build Character In Your Children

5 helpful resources to build character in your children


One of the perks of homeschooling is that we can focus on non-traditional subjects.  Sure, we do our reading, writing, and arithmetic, but we also invest time in other areas of education.  In our home, we hold one’s character in high esteem.  I can teach my kids their multiplication tables and addition facts all day but if I do not instill in them the importance of having good character, as a parent I have missed the goal. Today, I am sharing with you, our favorite resources to help teach your children about character.


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligance plus character – that is the goal of true education. – Martin Luther King Jr.

5 Helpful Resources to Build Character in Your Children


We Choose Virtues

One of our favorite resources has been the We Choose Virtues cards.  We will study one of the virtues for a few weeks, and we regularly will go through the pile to see if everyone can remember what the virtues are and the names of kids from Virtueville. They are a fun resource that the kids enjoy doing and they are learning the importance of patience, and diligence and many other virtues that I want them to grasp. Each virtue also has a Bible verse tied to it.  There are many ways you can use We Choose Virtue.  They have a parent pack, a homeschool package, and a classroom kit. If you are looking for a fun way to teach your kids about good character traits, I can not recommend  We Choose Virtues enough.



Our 24 Family Ways

One of my favorite authors on motherhood is Sally Clarkson.  This devotional style book was done by her husband, Clay Clarkson. Our 24 Family Ways has six main categories: Authorities, Relationships, Possessions, Work, Attitudes, and Choices. Each category is then broken down into four weekly ways to study.  Each lesson or “way” is divided into five days, and each day you will go over the “ARTS”: (A) Ask a Question, (R) Read the Bible, (T) Talk About It, and (S) Speak to God.  There are also coloring pages in the back of the book that you can copy and have your kids color.


A Child’s Book of Character Building

A Child’s Book of Character Building is an older book, published only six years after MY birth, but it is chock-full of wisdom.  It addresses 12 different characters, and for every character, it tells four different stories.  It starts with sharing a Bible story that relates to that character and then follows it with stories for kids to relate to it at home, at school, and at play.  I would often read stories from this book when we were studying the same character with We Choose Virtues.  They supplemented each other nicely but are also perfect resources on their own.


Junior’s Adventures

One character trait that isn’t covered in the other books that we have is to be financially smart.  Jeff and I both feel being financially smart is important.  The Bible talks so much about money and how to handle it, that we want to teach our kids those principles from a young age.  We have enjoyed the Junior Adventure books by Dave Ramsey.  They cover several different topics like debt, saving and giving, and the kids love us reading these books to them. It’s so great when we are talking with them about something, and they will recall a Junior story that relates to it. It looks like there is an updated version of the books, as I will admit, the kids in the books we have a bit odd looking.



The Young Peacemaker

The Young Peacemaker is the newest book to our character building resources. Last year, I emailed several homeschooling moms I had met who were on a  question and answer panel for homeschooling.  They are all farther along not just on the homeschooling journey, but the parenting journey as well.  I asked them this question, “When your kids are home all day long together, how do you stop all the bickering and fighting?” A few moms responded with answers, but one stood out from the rest.  One of the moms wrote me back in detail on how they used the principles in this book and how it taught conflict resolution and how to biblically handle an offense.  I immediately ordered it, because I am a hard sell.  We started it up this fall and have been spending time on Sunday afternoons going through this as a family.  You can buy just the book or this set that I did where it comes with a disc you can print off workbooks for the kids.  The Bible verse that the book is rooted in has become my mantra.


If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18 NIV



Being a homeschool parent, teaching my kids what good character is and is not, is more important to me than making sure they memorize the periodic table.  Besides, when I teach them what diligence is and what it means to persevere, they are learning the principles to the attitudes they will need to have to succeed in school and life.

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5 helpful resources to build character in your children












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    Thanks for these resources, Heather! We Choose Virtues looks like a wonderful program.

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    These are all new to me. Wow! They sound amazing! Character building in our children is such an important part of parenting. I 100% agree–we should not take it lightly! Thanks for linking up, Heather!

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