2017 Goals in Review

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Well, ya’ll… 2107 has come and gone. With only a few days remaining how are you feeling about 2017?  I will tell you how I am feeling – in awe. I am amazed by all that has happened this past year and am excited about what is ahead in 2018. Without further ado, here are my 2017 goals in review!


2017 Goals in Review

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2017 Goals in Review

If you remember from my goals post at the beginning of the year, I was going to focus on 17 goals in 2017. Looking back, it was a very ambitious goals list –hindsight. So let me just address the elephant – I was not successful in completing all my goals. Gasp! I knew this would be a possibility, that is why I put {Hopefully} in my title of my post at the beginning of the year. As the saying goes, progress, not perfection friends. For reference, here were my goals:


17 Goals I Will {Hopefully} Complete in 2017

  1. 17 minutes a day in God’s Word {keeps me walking in step with God}
  2. 17 Dates (out) with Jeff in 2017 {Nurturing our relationship}
  3. 17 Dates (in) with Jeff in 2017 {Nurturing our relationship}
  4. 17 Love Notes to Jeff  in 2017{Nurturing our relationship}
  5. 17 Notes to the Kids in 2017 {Nurturing my relationship with them}
  6. 17 Cards sent Snail Mail to Family/Friends in 2017 {Nurturing relationships}
  7. 17 Families over to our home in 2017 {Nurturing relationships}
  8. 17 Intentional texts to Jeff in 2017 {Nurturing our relationship}
  9. 17 Intentional texts to Family/Friends in 2017 {Nurturing relationships}
  10. 17 Family Game Nights and or Movie Nights in 2017 {Nurturing relationships!!}
  11. 17 Random Acts of Kindness in 2017 {Serve the needs of others}
  12. Workout 17 times a month in 2017 {Pursue a healthy lifestyle}
  13. Lose 17 pounds and keep them off {Pursue a healthy lifestyle}
  14. Read 17 Physical and/or Kindle books in 2017 {Constant learning}
  15. Listen to 17 Audiobooks in 2017 {Constant learning}
  16. Read-Aloud to kids 17 times a month {Constant learning}
  17. Schedule 17 (30 minutes) writing blocks a month {Constant learning}


2017 Goals in Review


Completed Goals

Goals that I am counting successes are:

  • Number 1: Time in God’s Word. While I know I missed a day here or there, overall my time with God was a priority this past year.
  • Number 2 and 3: Dates with Jeff both out and in were a highlight of this year. We had some great date nights in and lots of fun date nights out.  This year we went to several comedy shows seeing Tim Hawkins, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Jr. and Brian Regan. I love laughing, and these dates were some of my favorites.
  • Number 6: Snail Mail. I have loved taking the time to send cards to friends this year. I hope this has become a habit and that it will continue.
  • Number 7: Families over to our home. Sometimes it was dinner, sometimes it was hanging out on our patio, and sometimes it was playing Euchre. I love opening my home to friends, and soon to be friends.
  • Number 10: Game and Movie nights – as I had said in my original post, this was one of my favorites. I love playing games. We have played many games (definitely more game nights than movie nights) and our favorites from this year would have to be Ticket to Ride and Clue.
  • Number 13: Lose 17 lbs. While I lost this early on in the year, I had put about 10 lbs back on over several months. I recently did a health challenge, and I was able to lose those 10 and end back at 17 lbs less than I started this year. Now to maintain it through the holidays!!

Goals with an E for Effort

  • Number 4: Love notes for Jeff. While this seems like it should be an easy one, I know I did not write him 17 notes. I suck. I did okay, and although I didn’t write this one down and track it, I would say I was like at 50 – 60% of this goal.
  • Number 9: Texts to Friends. Again, you would think this should be easy, but I know I was not intentional with 17 texts. I started the year strong with this one, and then it fizzled. I would say I was at 50%.
  • Numbers 14 and 15 were all about books. I love reading. However, with my life and schedule, I now realize 34 total books was ambitious. I am happy to say that I am finishing the year with 20 books complete with a few more in the wings. Here is my Goodreads list of what I read this year if you would like to check it out. I read ten physical books and listened to ten audiobooks. I will be doing a separate post on my favorites soon.
  • Number 17: Writing times. I would say this one wasn’t consistent. However, I did make good progress most months.


Complete Failures

  • Number 5: Notes to the kids. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. That is all.
  • Number 8: Intentional texts to Jeff. If only I included all the random texts I send him where I share funny quotes the kids say or pictures, I would nail this one in a heartbeat. Alas, those were not the ones I was going for.
  • Number 11: Random Acts of Kindness. While I did intentionally buy someones coffee behind me on National Random Act of Kindness Day, I blew it the other 364 days of the year.
  • Number 12: Workout 17 times a month. Ha Ha Ha. A couple of months I nailed this. Like 3, the other 9, not so much.
  • Number 16: Read Aloud to kids. Again, some months were good, some not. Even though I am finishing strong with this one with our Advent book, (oh my word, it is SO good) I did not do well enough throughout to consider this one an E for effort.


Year in Review

So, there you have my 2017 goals in review. I admittedly did not do as well as I hoped, but overall I am happy with the goals I did achieve and the strides made to others. However, 2017 was compiled of more than just goals. There were so many amazing things that happened in 2017 that I want to share some of those too:

  • I became a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader. This wasn’t a goal of mine, nor did I have any idea I would do this last January, but it has been a blessing.
  • I serve in The Rock (our church’s middle school ministry) and absolutely LOVE it! I will have a middle schooler for the next NINE years – I figured it was a good ministry to invest in.
  • My endorsement was selected and published in Jen Hatmaker’s book Of Mess and Moxie
  • We bought PROPERTY!!!! This is a God story that I am looking forward to sharing with you in the new year.


2017 Goals in Review


Whats Ahead for 2018

I am in the process of going through my Powersheets prep and working on establishing my 2018 goals. I will share them as well as my word for 2018 with you soon!!


2017 Goals in Review.


How did you do with your goals in 2017? I would love to hear from you!!



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  1. Susan Evans
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    Not bad! You seem to have accomplished the most important goals on your list. Maybe you had too many goals!

  2. Kelly R Smith
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I am feeling very inspired. I really like the look of those power sheets. It looks like a great way to stay on track throughout the year.

  3. Donna Miller
    | Reply

    This is too cool and so precious that you did this!! I think you did good Girl!! I am inspired!! 🙂

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