17 Goals I Will {Hopefully} Complete In 2017

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Yikes! I can’t believe I am putting this out here – but here I am, baring my soul.  Two weeks ago I shared with you what tools I was using for setting my goals. Last week I shared what my one word for 2017 was what it meant to me. Today, I am putting those two together and sharing my 17 Goals I Will {Hopefully} Complete in 2017.

17 Goals I Will {Hopefully} Complete in 2017


So, as I had mentioned in my post about my one word for 2017, last year was a blah year for me. I decided that things needed to change. I needed to change.


When I first started going through the Make It Happen Powersheets, I realized I already knew where I wanted to focus my goals.  A few years ago, Jeff and I created a Family Purpose Statement.  After reading Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider, we decided that we wanted to have a purpose outlined for our family.  We spent a good bit of time thinking and praying about what mattered to us as a family and what t aspects of life we wanted to instill in our children.  We have our Purpose Statement on our fridge, and we regularly go over it with the kids and evaluate how we are doing on the different aspects.

Our Family Purpose Statement


Family Mission Statement


After evaluating how I was doing with the different aspects of our purpose statement, my goals easily evolved. Some of the points on our purpose statement come naturally to me. Easy. Some of them, are areas I know I need to grow in and be more intentional in developing them. I decided I wanted to go with 17 goals for 2017. All of them have a measure of 17, whether it be 17 for the year or 17 in a month, or even 17 minutes a day.



17 Goals I Will {Hopefully} Complete in 2017

  1. 17 minutes a day in God’s Word {keeps me walking in step with God}
  2. 17 Dates (out) with Jeff in 2017 {Nurturing our relationship}
  3. 17 Dates (in) with Jeff in 2017 {Nurturing our relationship}
  4. 17 Love Notes to Jeff  in 2017{Nurturing our relationship}
  5. 17 Notes to the Kids in 2017 {Nurturing my relationship with them}
  6. 17 Cards sent Snail Mail to Family/Friends in 2017 {Nurturing relationships}
  7. 17 Families over to our home in 2017 {Nurturing relationships}
  8. 17 Intentional texts to Jeff in 2017 {Nurturing our relationship}
  9. 17 Intentional texts to Family/Friends in 2017 {Nurturing relationships}
  10. 17 Family Game Nights and or Movie Nights in 2017 {Nurturing relationships!!}
  11. 17 Random Acts of Kindness in 2017 {Serve the needs of others}
  12. Workout 17 times a month in 2017 {Pursue a healthy lifestyle}
  13. Lose 17 pounds and keep them off {Pursue a healthy lifestyle}
  14. Read 17 Physical and/or Kindle books in 2017 {Constant learning}
  15. Listen to 17 Audiobooks in 2017 {Constant learning}
  16. Read-Aloud to kids 17 times a month {Constant learning}
  17. Schedule 17 (30 minutes) writing blocks a month {Constant learning}


Ok, so let’s break it down.  Number 1 is obvious. I need God. 17 minutes is a fraction of my day.  If I can’t give 17 minutes to God, my day is doomed.  I have started my days just copying God’s Word in the morning, and it is a nice transition to waking up and starting my day. I am studying the Book of John in my Bible Study Fellowship class, so before I start that I take a few minutes and write out a few verses.

Items 2 – 4 are Jeff focused.  After God, Jeff comes first. 3 and 4 will be easy.  We love doing date-night in. We have already done one this year, and although writing him love notes is not something I regularly do now, I don’t see it being hard to accomplish.  Number 2 though, that will be a challenge.  I, of course, discussed this with him before making it a goal because it involves his participation and he was up for it.  Bring on all the dates!!

Number 5 will be writing notes to the kids.  I plan to write to each of them, but it will be mostly to the girls because, well they can read.

Who does not like getting actual fun mail? I know I love it, and can’t wait to do number 6.  I already went to Family Christian and bought some cards to start!

Wowzers, number 7. I enjoy having my home busting at the seams with loved ones. Although I have never counted how many different families we have over in a year – 17 seems to be stretching it. Better get to inviting!

Now 8 and 9 might not appear to be that big of a goal, but let me explain.  I have one friend, more of an acquaintance, who I hardly text with; however, every few months I get a very thoughtful prayer for my family via text from her. It immediately brightens my day. I want to do that for those I love; Send them an intentional text letting them know I am thinking of them.

Number 10 might be my favorite. I love playing games and I feel we will have more game nights then movie nights. Playing games as a family is a great way to have fun in the winter.

17 Random Acts of Kindness – number 11. I will admit, this is not my go-to. This will need to have intentional planning on my part, which may take away from the randomness aspect, but I digress. Hopefully, they will appear random! Or Maybe I just take the Random out of the title? Showing kindness in today’s world is meeting a need we all have. Everyone is in need of someone being kind to them.  As for general serving, my family is pretty good at doing this regularly and I didn’t feel it needed to be something I needed to set as a personal goal for this year.

Yikes, 12 and 13. Can’t believe I am putting these out there, hello transparency. Yes, this Fall and all it’s Salted Caramel Latte goodness were a tad too good.  This girl needs to shed a few and keep them off. And even though I know the importance of working out – I loathe it. However, on this here 13th day of the month, I have already completed 8 workouts. Go me!

I love books. I am so disappointed that it took me so long to appreciate the gift of a good book. Last year I didn’t set a reading goal, and my reading declined.  I also started this here blog, so I credited my reading time was transferred to writing time. Not this year. I will still write, but I am making reading a priority. Goals 14 and 15 are all about books. I am branching out and adding audio books to my list.  There are so many classics that I have not read that I feel audio will be an excellent way to read them. I am currently listening to To Kill A Mockingbird. (It does at least make the time on the elliptical go faster!)

When the girls were younger, I read aloud to them all the time. Now they are off reading on their own. Sadly, I have not read as regularly to the boys. I want to read aloud to them more. Goal 16 may be a challenge as on this 13th day of the month, I have read aloud twice to the kids.

Lastly, I added my writing to my goal list at number 17.  I know I need to have scheduled times to write and I am trying to figure out how that looks best.  17 – 30-minute blocks gives me a good two hours a week.  I honestly probably need more, but will be happy if I start with that.

You probably also noticed that none of my goals pointed back to our financial statement or about practicing organized simplicity.  Those two areas we work regularly on as a family, and are not something I thought I needed to have as personal goals.


So there you have my 17 Goals I Will {Hopefully} Complete in 2017. I hope you will follow along with me and help keep me accountable. I  plan to update at the end of each month on how I am doing.  Did you set any goals for 2017? I would love for you to share them in the comments.


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    How are you tracking each of those goals so you don’t lose count?

    • Heather
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      Great Question! I am working on my January goal recap post this week, and in it, I will be showing how I am tracking! Stay tuned!

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